Especially since we are met with cues to “Think Green” on a daily basis, we are also constantly prompted to make simple switches in our everyday lives to help the environment.

As a pet owner, you have the special privilege of being able to be eco-friendly through the simple tasks and responsibilities you go through regularly. You’re already responsible for your daily dog-mom duties—might as well also be responsible for the environment!

At we always encourage pet owners to search for ways they can make environmentally friendly choices.

Here are twelve useful ways that pet owners can make the switch to be more eco-friendly while still taking care of their pets:

1. Go green while pet shopping

Instead of heading to the cheapest pet supplies, save a little bit more in your budget to purchase eco-friendly, biodegradable products and packaging. Once you and your pet have used it up, make sure to recycle!

2. Stop using paper towels to clean

If your pet has had an accident in the house, designate a hand towel, rag, or used t-shirt to clean up. Not only do you get bonus points for recycling an old t-shirt, but you also save the environment from a lot of paper waste. You can also use vinegar as an eco-friendly choice for removing that cat pee smell.

3. Make sure to spay and neuter your pet

The population of stray animals left out in the world can even be considered an epidemic. If you spay or neuter your pet, you will be helping to reduce the overpopulation of animals and even help reduce shelter overcrowding.

4. Go biodegradable

Sure, the doggie biodegradable bags might be a little bit more expensive than your regular preferred choices. However, these bags will break down in just one month, instead of the one thousand plus years it takes for a plastic bag.

5. Just stop with the plastic

Even though your dog might just LOVE chewing up those plastic water bottles, you should try and cut them out of his or her diet. Eliminate your use of plastic bottles for your pet’s water or for taking water on-the-go for them. Make the simple switch to a washable bottle—and invest in a chew toy for your dog.

6. Bring your own pet-store bag

Recently, more and more people are remembering to bring their reusable grocery bags to the store, which is helping to eliminate the plastic bag waste. Going to the pet store should be just the same! Grab a reusable bag before you head out for your monthly pet store run!

7. Walk to the dog park instead of driving

To help eliminate the pollution of driving and oil consumption, finding a closer dog park or nature trail or even arranging a puppy play date with someone in your neighborhood can help save the environment.

8. Become a pet-friendly chef

Homemade treats or pet-food can definitely run a huge advantage in saving you money and reducing the packaging waste associated with most pet foods or treats. Consult your vet on which foods are pet-friendly.

9. Donate instead of throwing out old pet toys

Although you may think that your dog’s toy is a goner, you might still be able to donate it to a shelter. Contact or go visit your local shelter to see if they are in need of toys, blankets or beds.

10. Switch to reusable containers

Instead of storing your treats in a plastic bag, especially if you’re on the go, use a washable or reusable container.

11. Buy in bulk instead of individual

Especially if you know what kind of food or treats your pets like, buying in bulk can help reduce packaging waste and also reduce the number of trips to the pet store. Make sure to check the expiration date of the food!

12. Go completely green!

If you can afford it, there are some eco-friendly pet toys and other items that are made from recycled materials.

Going green as a pet-owner can help make your carbon footprint that much smaller and help you make your contribution in helping our Earth. These small-step switches can go great distances in helping preserve our environment!

Matt is the founder of PetHairPatrol. He lives in New York with his two golden retrievers: Ben and Jerry. Once he opened a carton of yogurt, and immediately there was a dog hair inside. That’s when he decided to find the best ways to get rid of pet hair and start a website to share his knowledge. He has researched and reviewed hundreds of products that help you keep your home clean – even when you have furry roomies. He loves running and Italian pizza. He hates pigeons. And obviously, pet hair!

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