Instead of traditional bridal showers, many people are choosing to explore unique and exciting ways to celebrate their upcoming nuptials. After all, guests do not always want to spend hours playing boring games or watching the bride open up a seemingly endless amount of gifts. Instead, there are many ways to spice up a bridal shower to make the day a special occasion for all. Before planning any upcoming party, consider these seven fun bridal shower ideas.

Let’s Toast the Bride!

What’s a bridal shower without some festive drinks? Instead of just running to the store to grab a few bottles of alcohol and plopping them on the table, consider making a signature drink for your guests. Since bridal showers are a cause for celebration, you may want to consider a champagne cocktail with some nice, fresh berries at the bottom of the glass. Or perhaps, you may want to hire a sommelier to expose your friends and family to some unique champagnes and wines. For those guests who do not drink, create a signature “mock” cocktail that is made of sparkling fruit juices or premiere sodas.

Who’s Ready to Eat?

One of the most important parts of a bridal shower is the food. Anyone can create a fabulous party by just getting creative with certain dishes. If you are on a budget, perhaps consider making appetizers and trendy desserts for your friends and family. You may also want to decorate a nice fruit and vegetable platter for your guests. Or perhaps, hire a caterer to make sliders or sandwiches that everyone can snack on during the party. And don’t forget your vegetarian friends! Make sure you choose one or two dishes that they can eat that do not contain meat. If you need some other ideas, you may want to consider visiting Martha Stewart Weddings.

Where are the Games?

For many brides to be, a bridal shower would not be complete without a few fun and interactive games. Some people have decided to incorporate a scavenger hunts into their bridal showers. At the end, they provide the winner with a small prize, such as a gift card. Or maybe you want to play a trivia game with your guests to determine who knows the most specifics regarding the bride or groom. If you want your guests to socialize more with others that they do not know, you may want to consider a “Find a Guest” game, where you provide everyone with a checklist of random characteristic. With this game, the guests then walk around the room, attempting to find people with those characteristics. Lastly, you could also play a game in which the guest compete to create the best cocktail. The bride can then be the judge and decide who wins the contest. For other great ideas, you may want to try

Don’t Forget the Decorations!

Decorations are also very important when creating a wonderful bridal shower. Many people opt to use a specific color theme when transforming the party space. For example, if the color theme is pink and silver, you may want to consider purchasing cups, plates, silverware, balloons and napkins in only those colors. If you want to get even more festive, you can also find nice centerpieces, steamers and even a piñata for your party. Flowers and other plants can really transform a room, making it look spectacular. When decorating the room, make sure to start early and find as many volunteers as possible.

Consider a Self Care Shower

Instead of doing a traditional shower, why not consider pampering the guests? There are many companies these days that provide mobile self care services. Perhaps you may want to hire a esthetician who can provide facials for the guests. Or you can hire someone who can do manicures and pedicures for all of the attendants. Massages can also be very relaxing and a nice treat for all. You can also provide your guests with some nice self care party favors such as scrubs, face masks, creams, and lotions. Some brides also opt to raffle off a gift certificate for a spa or massage.

Invite Men!

In this day and age, who says that a bridal shower must only include women? Many people are choosing to make the party a joint event with the bride and groom. With a coed party, you can do a variety of activities geared toward men and women. Perhaps consider playing trivia games or other activities geared toward couples. You could also hire a DJ and make the bridal shower more of a dance party with more of a club atmosphere. With a coed shower, you may want to make sure the decor is more gender neutral.

Want to Get Away?

Why stay in your hometown or city for your bridal shower? Why not travel to a different location? Many people opt to rent a party bus and take a day trip to somewhere close. Others with a larger budget may travel by plane to other countries or cities to celebrate a marriage. Consider going to Europe and visiting various countries with all of your close friends and family. Or, travel to Los Angeles or New York City and take in the various sights or see a play. Keep in mind that those on a budget may not be able to participate if the cost of attending is high. However, if you give people ample time to plan and save, a destination bridal shower can be very special and feasible.

After choosing your Luv Bridal Bridesmaids dresses, your next step should be to organize a great bridal shower. There are many ways that you can create a wonderful bridal shower for your friends and family. With any bridal showers, you can find games and other activities that are interactive and exciting. Take your time, create a budget, and research the many ideas available on the Internet and in magazines. Do not be afraid to get creative and you can create a great bridal shower for your guests.

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