When you have a toddler, you might still help with bathing. As time goes by, you need to teach your kids how to bathe independently. Besides, it is quite awkward for you to help still when they are older. Children usually follow what their parents do when bathing them. Despite that, you still need to remind them of the proper way.


Encourage your child to bathe before heading to school. It might be tiring, and the water seems cold during the day. With constant reminders though, your child will learn to shower before leaving the house. Remind your child to wash the underarm and genital regions since they might only focus on washing their hair. If you have a whirlpool bath at home, you can bathe together. While you do, you can remind your child about the correct ways to clean their body.

Oral hygiene

Let your child realise the value of brushing their teeth after every meal. It might be a challenge especially since kids are too lazy to brush after eating. You need to remind your child what could happen when their teeth are dirty or after eating sweets. Do not hesitate to talk about tooth decay and other teeth problems.

Hand washing

Always remind your child about the benefits of hand washing. It might be something that children easily forget because they are in a hurry to eat. They also tend to put anything they see in their mouths. You need to tell them that their hands are dirty and anything that is not edible is not for their mouth. There is also a correct way of hand washing, and you need to teach your child how to do it. Hand washing is vital after using the toilet and before eating.

Feet washing

The feet could be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Suffering from athlete’s foot and ringworm is possible. Tell your kids to wash their feet thoroughly before putting on their socks. They need to check if their toes are clean along with the nails. Teach them how to use a nail brush too. It is essential for them to practice using their towel and not share it with another person.


It could also be challenging to teach your child the proper way of washing their hair. Some kids might think that it is enough for the hair to get wet and they are ready to go. Tell them the importance of using proper hair care products. If you do not believe in the daily use of shampoo, you can at least tell your child to wash their hair with shampoo every other day.

Even if you start to sound like a broken record, you need to be consistent in reminding your kids. You do not want them to grow up and not have proper hygiene. It is embarrassing if they start socialising with others. It is also unhealthy for them as they might catch a disease.

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