If you are looking for a new way to get into shape, taking up cycling may be the way to go! It’s a low-impact activity, it gives you a fantastic cardio workout and it’s far better for you and the environment than driving.

Let’s take a look at 5 specific benefits of getting on your bike.

It’s a low-impact sport that won’t ruin your knees

Cycling is perfect for the elderly, those who suffer with joint problems or people recovering from an injury. Compared to running, it puts a lot less strain on your legs & knees – in fact, there is some evidence to suggest that cycling can improve conditions such as osteoarthritis.

It’s an all-over body workout

While you will be mostly using your leg muscles, cycling also requires good core and all-over strength – your abdominal muscles, back and arms all have to work together to keep you stable. This will result in improved muscle tone and strength all over your body!

Cycling is good for your heart

As well as building muscle, cycling can also give you a rigorous cardio workout. Whatever level you are at, you can build up the distance and intensity of your bike rides at a rate that suites you. Regular cardio activity can aid weight loss, decrease blood pressure and improve endurance.

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It’s good for your immune system

Are you the kind of person who always seems to have a cold? Aerobic exercise can improve the health of your upper respiratory system, which in turn can strengthen your immune system and lower the chances of you catching infections such as the common cold. Cycling to work instead of getting the bus and/or train also keeps you away from crowded, germ-filled environments where you can easily become sick.

Cycling can actually extend your lifespan!

Research shows that Tour de France cyclist live around 17 percent longer than the average person! And while we can’t all be elite athletes, even just ditching the car and cycling to work on a regular basis has been shown to extend life expectancy.

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