To have a flawless smile, you are encouraged to give some attention to your lips. Having a powerhouse pout can give a healthy glow. Let’s face it, whitening your teeth is such a hard work, and it can be frustrating at the same time if you ignore to do it. Smiling with whitened teeth inspires.

There are so many great ways you can enhance your smile, teeth whitening is obviously one of them. Let’s look at 6 easy, tested and proven beauty hacks for a flawless smile:

Use kool-aid as a lip color

Kool-aid powder is long-wearing, and absolutely it contains everything you could possibly desire in a lip stain. It has a delicious taste, and comes in variety of flavors or shades. So, you are advised to dampen your finger, pick a hue and rub it in your lips. It has an impressive stain, which is super affordable and can last for a long period.

Use teeth whitening kit

If you mix baking soda with water, you will realize that they can actually do wonders on your teeth. Feel free to use any of the medically-recommended at-home teeth whitening kits. Please try to be brushing at least twice a day- morning and evening. There are also some teeth whitening before and after kits you can use.

Keep your lips hydrated

If your lips are chapped, it will be really difficult to ignore them. The situation will likely get worse as the air gets drier and colder.

If you are a victim of painfully chapped, flaky or dry lips, then you can keep them moisturized by brushing with a soft toothbrush, investing in a humidifier, opting for natural if you buy, drinking a lot of water, using homemade beeswax lip balm, homemade honey lip scrub, almond oil, vitamin E and so on.

Pamper yourself with a mini facial

You can never go wrong with self-care. You don’t need to have a lot of money before you can pamper yourself. No matter your current financial situation, you can do anything that will put smiles on your face.

This could be hanging out with family, friends, workplace colleagues or peers. It could also be relaxing with a cool music, cleaning your home, reading your favorite novels, writing down sporadic ideas as they come to your mind, dressing fine etc.

Make your skin tone with lip color and dress

Becoming a beauty breaker and shaker is one thing, while wearing a timeless beauty is another. For example, red lipstick is a pleasure to behold at all times.

But if it doesn’t complement your skin color or dress, then try to use a suitable one. If your dressing and lip color complements, you will surely have a perfectly painted look.

If you want to apply red lipstick, you need to be cautious of the shade of red you will be wearing. Typically, if your shade of dress is clashing with your lips, you won’t have a flawless smile. Beauticians and makeup artists understand this part very well.

Make your lips bold

You really need to make your lips bold. These super helpful tips can help you in getting this done quickly and efficiently:

  • Brush off flakes- if you want to get rid of flakes, then you should try and brush with soft toothbrush. Researchers say this improves circulation.
  • Use a plumping balm to improve your lips- make sure you try this today, it really works.
  • Use a clear lip gloss – this will surely make your pout to look fuller and amazing.
  • Avoid dark lipstick- it is trendy to rock a pale pink or nude pink pout- it will simply make your lips look naturally great. Dark colors is not an option because they won’t make your lips to be glittering, instead it will flatten its appearance.
  • Use two types of lip colors- one should be applied all over your mouth, while the other can be applied at the middle of your lips. Doing this will make your lips to look fuller, and perfectly stand out.

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