Asthma has been one of those conditions that give children a hard time since. It is an unfortunate condition where the airways of the lungs are narrow. Additionally, the airways swell and produce more mucus than necessary. Hence, asthma attacks become a significant problem moving forward.

Asthma has no cure. However, you can control some of the symptoms. It changes along with time making it need monitoring. Thus, it is essential that you consult your doctor for proper guidance on how to prevent asthma attacks.

Here are seven (7) useful tips you can rely on how to prevent asthma attacks.

1. Create An Action Plan And Be Sure To Follow It.

With the help of your doctor and immediate family members, devise a plan on how to manage your asthma attacks. Be specific with each detail and as much as possible have the willpower to follow what was listed strictly. Asthma seems to be a lifelong condition; thus, the need for monitoring and treatment should also be consistent.

2. Get Pneumonia And Influenza Vaccines.

By being updated with current vaccinations such as pneumonia and influenza, you will be able to prevent asthma triggers from these diseases. Frequent colds and coughing, which can lead to severe flu or pneumonia, are known triggers for asthma attacks to occur.

3. Identification And Avoidance Of Asthma Triggers.

The usual triggers to asthma are those of which irritates the nose. Allergens and irritants that are airborne and are commonly acquired outdoors include pollen grains, molds, cold air, and air pollution. Among these triggers, you should be able to know what causes your asthma to go worse. From there, take precautionary measures and avoid it as much as possible.

4. Breathing Monitoring

Monitoring your breathing will help you point out when your attacks will occur. It will give you a hint that something triggers your asthma through the changes of your breathing. Some signs like minimal coughing, sneezing or shortness of breath can serve as your warning and will give you time to prepare your medications and precautionary measures before the attack. You will not be able to notice when your lung function decreases; thus, you should regularly record your airflow readings (peak and low) using a peak flow meter.

5. Tend To Attacks Early

Severe asthma attacks take place when you fail to identify the symptoms and are not quick enough to treat it. Hence, the importance of monitoring gives you enough time to prepare and act accordingly to an expected attack. You have to follow the action plan and administer medication as instructed. If things get worse, seek immediate help from your doctor.

6. Take Prescribed Medication As Instructed.

Even if you are feeling better and attacks are not as frequent as before, that does not mean you will take a detour on taking your medications. If you think that you need to lessen the intake of a particular drug because you feel well, make sure to ask your doctor. It is wiser to consult any changes you would make. Also, bringing your medications with you upon consultation is advisable so that your doctor can monitor the right dosage.

7. Pay A Closer Look At The Increasing Usage Of Quick-Relief Inhalers.

Reliance on quick-relief inhalers is not enough for preventing asthma attacks. A doctor’s prescription and guidance is still the better option. You may think inhalers can keep you in check, but it is only temporary relief. However, long term relief is more desirable, and you won’t be able to know until you ask your doctor.


Asthma is a troublesome condition. It hinders you from doing activities and lowers your self-esteem. However, with the proper approach to preventing the attacks from happening, you can live as healthy as everyone. Medications and remedies are readily available such as prescription drugs and over the counter drugs. Hence, Celestone, a corticosteroid known for the treatment of inflammatory disorders such as asthma, drugs can help in aiding asthma attacks. You can check on Celestone coupon online for more information about the drug.

There is no better cure than prevention itself. It may not be true for asthma since it has no cure, but preventing the triggers of asthma attacks is way better than attending to the attack itself. By following the tips mentioned above, you might live with your asthma more comfortably than before.

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