Isn’t travelling fun? There are a lot of adventures going to happen and I’m pretty sure there will be a wide smile drawn in your face.

However, during your travel what if it’s the time of your ‘monthly visit’? That sucks girl! But no worries, there’s a menstrual product I would like to recommend of you when you are in a travel. You know, this one really knows how to handle your business.

Girls, all hail because this is no other than Daisy Cup- your perfect period companion while travelling.

A Flash of Astonishment with Daisy Cup and why use it while Travelling

It is far offset the rip-offs of the benefits of using Daisy Cup over other products. In fact, it can be hard to find any mistake in them at all.

Really, most of the doubts women have about using menstrual cups come from false impression and taboos. Quite the reverse, they would much likely to be demystified easily though if you look at all the facts.

Very sure, when using this product your #TravelGoals won’t be ruined.

Travelling Women on the GO as they go Convenient with Daisy Cup

Most of the concerns women have about menstrual cups is that it is messy and inconvenient. However, that is not true and travelling women please don’t be dismayed.

In contrast to the tampons, menstrual cups like Daisy Cup can stay in the body for up to 12 hours without needing to be changed. Fantastically, some of them can hold the same amount of fluid as 4 tampons! Awesome; knowing that you only need to change your cup once or twice a day is astonishing to think. No more hassle while travelling!

Remarkably, that depicts fewer trips to the restroom and of course, more time to focus on your life and #TravelGoals. No more leaky surprises or necessitating rushing into the restroom. In addition, you don’t have to create a worry anymore with tearing open a noisy pad. With DaisyCup, you can now handle your period on YOUR time while in a travel.\

Safe Daisy Cup, Safer Travel

Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is a real misery for menstruating women everywhere. Having to worry about changing a tampon or even forgetting to remove it while in a travel can be nerve-wracking.

Conversely, it isn’t the case for the Daisy Cup. In essence, since your cup can be left inside for longer and doesn’t include the horrid toxins like tampons, you can better keep TSS at bay. Although it is still important to change and clean your menstrual cup regularly, you are much at lower risk of getting TSS than with tampons.

By this, Daisy Cup is something worth raving for during your travel.

Daisy Cup: Environmentally Friendly

Define Daisy Cup: 100% BPA-free silicone, Reusable, Earth-friendly

By turning to Daisy Cup as your period companion while travelling, you can rest knowing that you are making a choice that is healthy for both of your body and even the environment!

In point of fact, let’s say bye to flushing tampons down the drain or tossing plastic wrappers in the trash since Daisy Cup can be used over and over again, helping decrease your carbon footprint and environmental impact. Isn’t that amazing?

Above and beyond, need not to worry about harmful chemicals or even fibers like you do with tampons or pads. All you need to think is travel, travel and travel! Daisy Cup is absolutely the best.

Perfect for your Body and Travelling

Tampons and pads can come in series of sizes. They are usually the same shape across the board. However you are well-meant of a product that fits your body, style and activity level.

Predominantly, not only do you have multiple size options with Daisy Cup, but you also get a solution that fits perfectly with your body; it actually works with any type of activities you love about such as travelling. Your menstrual cup forms to the shape of your cervix to ensure comfort and prevent leaks with its soft, movable surgery-grade silicone.

Actually, you don’t have to worry about a mess or even the discomfort of a crumpled pad that the cup catches the flow before it exits. Worry how you make your travel memorable.

Need not Cost Enough

Would you believe it girls?

The amount spent by an average woman on tampons and pads in her life time is $4.5k. Whoa! You see that? Even though that menstrual cup has a higher cost up front, you could be saving THOUSANDS of dollars in the long run.

You know, there are better things you could be spending that money on especially in travelling.

Truly, with menstrual cups, you only have to buy one or a few cups to last you a lifetime depending on the styles and sizes you want. Stunningly, Daisy Cup can last up to 10 years. Overwhelming!

Many women are choosing for an “everyday” and a “travel” cup to get-up their needs. You know, it’s totally up to you! Anyhow, you all know you are not flushing away thousands of dollars in tampons. But hey, what about your travel!

Can Lessen Cramps and other Irksome Symptoms while in a Travel

Having painful symptoms such as cramps while travelling, Daisy Cup can lessen that.

Tampons are fibrous and can involve a range of materials and chemicals; you’re much probably to be naive on what there you are getting. Alarmingly, this would lead to undesirable bacteria and toxins, which lead to cramping.

And thus, with Daisy Cup, you know you are getting 100% silicone- without any pesky chemicals.

Therefore, it’s something that is safe for your body and can be cleaned with products that you are comfortable with. What a memorable travelling with Daisy Cup!

What to use best while in travel: Daisy Cup? Tampons? Pads?

Eventually, all is up on you to decide what is best to use while travelling. You know, every woman is different and faces unique experiences at that time for the month. But assure you to use Daisy Cup if you want an easy and comfortable travel.

Then again, you can no longer have to settle for two options in having a ‘visit’ while in a travel which is tampons versus pads. Incredible to think, Daisy Cup can be a much safer, less expensive and healthier option.

I repeat, Daisy Cup is the best for travelling. Girls, need not to worry on your period while in a travel. This menstrual cup is here to solve your problem. Who cares about having a period, Daisy Cup will handle your business flawlessly.

Enjoy your travel! Use Daisy Cup…Forget the period- Seize every moments!

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