Crickets though appear harmless at first when they are few, will overrun your home as soon as they multiply; they destroy paper products, walls, clothes and of course food. In addition, their high pitched squeaky sounds will disrupt your sleep. The only way to enjoy your beauty rest after the day’s job is to eliminate the little noise-brewers from your home. There are many effective ways to win the crickets battle; however, we have outlined three best methods that will get rid of crickets from your home for good

Best Ways To Get Rid of Crickets

Preventive and simple measures are the only solution to getting rid of crickets. However, you need to find out their hideouts before you can implement the methods.

Crickets usually prefer to nestle in dark and moist places, so to get to them, you need to follow their squeaky chirps. As soon as you detect their location, arm yourself with some of the best deterrents to exterminate them.

1. Cricket traps

If you want to get rid of crickets easily from your home, some classic sticky traps are one of the most straightforward solutions especially when you have pets or toddlers in the house. Bug sprays are not too safe except they are non-toxic. Get cornmeal bait to entice the crickets, and place the traps in crickets are hiding. Crickets and other notorious pests usually prefer corners of the wall. Apart from trapping the insects with its stickiness, the heady smell kills pests quite easily.

The second option is to use some toxic chemicals to eliminate these pests; however, it is not advisable if you have pets and kids around. Spray on infested areas, basement, garage, baseboards, and corners of rooms to exterminate crickets as well as the eggs.

2. Eliminate crickets nesting areas

Removal of crickets nesting areas is a long-term solution to cricket infestation. The familiar hiding places of crickets in your home are corners of the windows, and bottom of the doors; seal up everything to prevent them from finding their way back to your house.

How to enjoy a cricket-free home

  • Fill all the cracks and crevices in your windows and wall
  • Ensure your house is germ-free and keep it clean at all times
  • Empty trash bins as soon as you can; also, ensure they are adequately covered
  • Trim long grass and thick bushes to prevent crickets from nesting in your garden

3. Remove attractants for crickets

The third stage is to eliminate things that attract crickets to your place

  • Replace traditional lights with amber-colored or yellow bug lights
  • Use a dehumidifier to resolve soft spots; crickets breed in a moist atmosphere
  • Cover windows with blinds and shades to prevent light from drawing crickets to keep the insects away.
  • Keep yard lights at a reasonable distance from the house
  • Lastly, you can eliminate crickets naturally by using pets like cats, dogs, or birds to ward off crickets from your vicinity.

All three ways are effective, but may take time to implement. Hire a local pest control operator if you want to save time, and energy. The advantages of using a professional pest exterminator are but not limited to professional advice, 100% pest-free zone, and regular house inspection to avoid reinfestation.

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