It’s that time of the year again. The beginning of a new year arrives and clutter needs to go away. The house needs to be dusted, mopped and scoured from corner to corner. The office needs to be prepped and readied for a new year. It may not be spring where you live, but cleaning needs to be done.

Does it seem like one endless, massive chore?

Have you considered smart storage solutions? It may be all you need to make this yearly task more bearable.

Storage may not mop your house, or dust your counters, but with a variety of affordable storage containers you get the storage solution for every storage need. As a result, the clutter can disappear, making the house or office feel cleaner already.

Bonus: The mopping and dusting can go ahead in peace, without any hazards blocking the way.

Want to know why we think containers are THE 2019 cleaning solution? Here’s why.


Containers offer storage solutions for EVERYTHING:

  • General storage
  • The kitchen
  • The laundry
  • Refuse
  • Heavy-duty storage

No purpose or room gets left out. Are the tools in the garage getting cluttered? Are the children’s rooms a mess? Can’t concentrate because the office space is chaos? A container can solve all these problems.

In today’s market storage containers range from large to small, from purposeful to decorative, from quirky to elegant. There are even storage solutions suitable for that pesky Christmas Tree that needs to be hidden away for another year.

This means that when it comes to spring cleaning, organisation has never been easier.

And the variety helps you manage your belongings better. Different colours can code different uses. Different sizes can serve different purposes. It will be so much easier to find things again once you need them in sight again. This can cut away hours of endless, pointless searching, saving time and energy.

Design and Innovation

The modern market’s products are not only affordable and reliable, but environmentally friendly. Already I can hear the voices declaring war on plastic, but your new storage solution is not an enemy.

Most modern plastic containers contain no BPA. That’s the product that so bad for your health and the environment. This makes plastic safer and eco-friendly.

This becomes especially important when you’re repacking your kitchen. Luckily market leading brands offer safe storage solutions for food such as the ones made from virgin grade materials. The result? These plastics can be recycled.

No more worrying about baby turtles or other animals whose homes are being destroyed by plastic. You can enjoy a practical storage solution with no guilt attached. Therefore, by involving smart solutions in your spring cleaning antics, you’re going green and giving back. You’re not just de-cluttering your life, but de-cluttering the environment as well.

Organized = Happy

Perhaps you’re wondering if this is a worthwhile investment. You’ve survived your clutter for so long, why spend money now?

The answer—you’ll see the positive results when you look back a few months from now and realize the change that took place.

With the rise in popularity of Marie Kondo’s new Netflix show, it is becoming abundantly clear that de-cluttered is better. Spring cleaning may be a pain, but bringing organisation to your home and office is actually better for your health.

The Mayo Clinic points out that by having clutter and chaos, you’re actually creating clutter in your mind. This causes more stress and anxiety, making it difficult to do simple, everyday activities.

So do the opposite.

By removing the clutter from your environment, you move towards a more peaceful work or living space. Therefore, spring cleaning brings content. It’s therapeutic. It’s meditative. It may not seem like a necessity, but it takes away that feeling of having thousands of bees buzzing in your head.

Don’t you want a better 2019 than a 2018?

What better way to get rid of clutter than with a vast range of storage containers for all products, that are also good for the environment? It’s as easy as getting a few containers to reach Nirvana thanks to a de-cluttered home.

And guess what, you’re not going to do all the organizing yourself.

Even kids can have fun deciding on colours and what each box contains, turning a chore into something exciting.

plastic tubs

The best is that when you do this now, you pave the way for future victories too. Next year there will be less dread when cleaning time comes around, because you made it fun for once. Everyone will WANT to help


Why is this so important at the start of this year? Because when the home or office is organized, it becomes easier to organize the bigger things in life.

Storage containers may not be able to do your spring cleaning for you, but it’s going to make your life easier. And thanks to today’s market there’s a solution for every need and every crisis.

This year there will be no dread about loose items falling the moment you open the cupboard door.

Marie Kondo would be proud.

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