As far as domestic garage doors go, homeowners have a few different options. Historically, garage roller doors haven’t been used as much as other types, but they’re growing in popularity and for a good reason.

These are highly functional, compact garage doors that perform well when up against strong weather or burglars, and the following details are some of the most important reasons why homeowners should go for roller doors instead of their counterparts.

Compact Design

Unlike other types of garage doors that retract into your garage, roller doors are flexible enough to roll up in a compartment that gets installed right above your garage door opening.

The compact design means that you don’t have to install tracks on your garage ceiling or worry about obstructions. With garage roller doors, you’ll get your ceiling space back and you could either use that space for something else or simply enjoy the openness and the visual advantages of having a garage that is less cluttered. When the door is up, it will be tucked inside a rectangular box that hides everything and provides a much cleaner look.

Durable and Weather-Resistant

Despite what you may think based on how these doors operate, they are actually very durable and almost completely resistant to all types of weather. Often, garage roller doors will have a better seal around the perimeter of the door, but the corrugated sheets of metal that make up these doors are very strong and often hold up better against minor accidents and collisions with objects.

More importantly, you’ll be well protected against the weather, regardless of the season. Many roller doors are also insulated, so they’re great for garages that are air-conditioned. The corrugated panels and tightly sealed perimeter make for excellent security against burglars and if you have an electronic lock attached, it’s even more secure.

Variety of Colours and Finishes

Roller doors are one of the easiest to customise, at least in terms of colours and finishes. They can be made in a variety of colours but in addition to the colours, you may also have options for different finishes. A wood-grain finish is a popular one, for example.

This enables you to match your garage door with the rest of the home as closely as possible and this is important given that garage doors are often a stand-out feature. Again, you also have the choice between an insulated and a non-insulated door.


If your garage door is visible from the street, it can be one of the more dominant features of your home’s exterior. With that in mind, you usually want it to blend in rather than stand out in a bad way.

Sectional garage doors, for example, often have designs and windows, as well as clearly defined panels that don’t always complement the home. Garage roller doors, on the other hand, are a lot simpler and can be somewhat minimalistic, so they are less distracting.

Convenience and Automation

These roller doors can be automated and you can get remote controls and electronic locks. You’ll be able to conveniently operate your garage door from the safety of your vehicle but the electronic locks and automated features can help you keep your garage door secure.

Another thing to remember is that these doors function a lot more smoothly. They simply roll up into their compartment as opposed to sectional doors that retract into the garage and up-and-over doors that swing outward. As a result, roller doors are quieter, smoother, and easier to work with.

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