You might spot them from your window just in time to snap a photo, or you may never see the creatures in your backyard…but trampled flowerbeds or overturned trash cans give you an idea of what goes on when you’re fast asleep. Nature is powerful even amidst humanity’s tendencies to put it in a chokehold. It’s, therefore, no surprise you might find some creatures having no issue of making your yard their temporary station. Most of the time they’re just passing by and are best left alone. If you like, you can actually make a comfy habitat for wildlife that will be very rewarding for you. Sometimes, however, they can be a nuisance but there are humane ways to shift their path back into the wild.



These beautiful, graceful creatures may find their way into your backyard if you live near a wooded area. They love snacking on plants – especially tulips. It’s important to remember that they are shy and dainty, and after all, that we have taken over their habitat. Deer are beautiful backyard companions and there’s no reason not to welcome them and share your space with them. The best way to manage this cohabitation is by changing what you plant in your garden.



These mischievous little rascals are the most common backyard trespassers in many neighbourhoods. They’re cute and funny in their thieving ways, but this burglary naturally becomes a nuisance, particularly because they love trashing the place. To keep them from doing this, don’t leave any pet food outside and get garbage cans with locking lids. When there’s nothing for them to steal, they’ll just be on their way.



These adorable marsupials love scavenging for pet food as well, but unlike racoons, they’re less unruly with trash bins. They’re best left alone when passing by and won’t cause any harm. But in some cases, they may take up residence once they gain access into your roof, contaminating roof insulation, damaging plasterboard and creating a foul odour. When it comes to possum removal Sydney sets a great example for all cities to follow. They’re very common there and are treated as a part of the urban environment, so their removal is carried out humanely only by licensed and accredited operators.



It’s not uncommon to sight foxes as backyard visitors in certain neighbourhoods, because although they like to stay away from people, it’s the pet food, leftovers in the garbage, and other treats that they’re after. They’re infamous for being very sly (as fables and children’s stories have taught us) so be very careful if you have very small pets, in order to avoid, well…potential bloodshed. Guard your pets and if a fox gets too close for your liking, making loud noises will scare them off for sure. Otherwise, you can enjoy them from a safe distance and make sure to film them, because they can be very hilarious.



The pungent odour tells it all, so skunks are generally unwelcome in backyards. They’re after fruits and berries and might dig up your lawn or even take up residence comfortably underneath porches, decks or sheds. If they get out of hand it’s best to get professional help, but otherwise, the smartest way to avoid skunk troubles is by using natural, organic animal repellents which contain active ingredients that impact their sense of taste and smell in order to drive them away.

At the end

You can embrace these occasional visits and thus enrich your backyard without things getting out of hand. It will make for a lovely backyard “jungle”, but make sure you enjoy all visiting wildlife from a distance. Don’t try to touch them because they will NOT like it and it could be very unsafe. Just appreciate the beauty of nature as they pass by, minding their own business.

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