Even though we are aware of numerous benefits of living “green” it is easy to be overwhelmed with the whole idea of eco-friendly living, the little changes in our daily routine will amount to a huge difference when we add it all up.

Furthermore, eco-friendly gardening is one of the ways you can improve the environment, as well as your health. Eco-friendly lifestyle, as you may know, improves your general wellbeing and reduces the effects of global warming.

Many of us assume gardening is synonymous with eco, which is not; some gardeners use synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and toxic weed killers in their garden which is terrible for the ecosystem, and your health. It is the reason we have listed the eco-friendly ways to control garden pests

Bring in Bugs, Birds, and Mammals

Alright before you raised your eyebrows, there are good bugs, as well as bed bugs. Create a conducive garden that attracts birds, friendly insects and mammals. It gives a picturesque view to your garden, and naturally controls pests and diseases. In addition, it eliminates the need for synthetic fungicides and insecticides that are dangerous to your health. To attract birds to the garden, install bird feeders, and nesting boxes; birds eat caterpillars, slugs, snails and other unfriendly pests that ruin plants.

Furthermore, you can attract other good bugs such as lacewings, ladybugs, ground beetles just to name a few to help you reduce and prevent the population of dangerous pests. Good bugs take shelter in wildflowers; plants some, to give them a place to lay their eggs. Also, butterfly and moth take delight in nectar-rich flowers in the garden.

Grow Companion plants

Nothing beats eating the food you are sure of the source; it is one of the benefits of creating an eco-garden. Companion plants are plants that look similar to your vegetables and fruits; they prevent harmful flying insects, pests and diseases from running your plants. Also, planting them side by side boost growth and vitality. Furthermore, you can also grow sunlight-sensitive plants in the shades of tall ones. Adopting eco-friendly organic gardening allows you to get a fresh supply of organic food that tastes better, and cheaper than others.

Inspect leaves regularly

One of the surest ways of controlling garden pests is regular inspection; discolored and damaged leaves encourage more pests to your garden. Deadhead, remove or pinch off diseased plants or leaves as soon as possible. Healthy and disease-free plants are a difficult target for harmful bugs. Moreover, keep weeds under control, they are a haven for harmful bugs.


Mulching is an essential part of gardening, especially if you want to work smart and not hard in your garden. Mulching, when done correctly is an organic way of controlling pests in your garden. It reduces soil damage, prevents weed growth, creates a microenvironment that alters plant growth and development, reduces the harsh effects of sunlight and rain.

Hire a professional Pest Control Operator

Nothing beats getting the right advice from a professional; we get tempted to try so many things we heard from neighbors or friends, not minding the fact that some solutions may not work for everybody. It is one of the many reasons to hire a professional control operator; they will inspect your garden, and help you get rid of garden pests without causing harm to your plants as well as your health.

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