We have already spoken about how summer flowers are our favourite and make the brightest and most colourful decorations, both in the house and the garden. But it is not only us that enjoy the vibrant hues and honied scents, but our pets. Regrettably, cats and dogs sometimes like to do more than observe and smell plants, but give them a little nibble, too. This can be dangerous and even lethal, according to pet-food experts James Wellbeloved, as many summer plants and flowers are toxic to cats and dogs.

Fortunately, there are also numerous plants which are safe to have around a pet-filled household and carry no risk of your pet poisoning themselves.

African Violet

The variety of blue, white or purple flowers which bloom against dark, fuzzy green leaves can add a real burst of colour to your home. They make great indoor plants as they thrive in medium to low light and the British summertime is the ideal temperature. Just be sure to keep the soil moist, fertilize every two weeks, and if the leaves start to thin and darken, the plant needs more light.


Snapdragons bloom in late spring, meaning they will be one of the first plants to grace your garden with colour and welcome in the summer. The flowers come in a wide variety of colours and are extremely fragrant, giving your garden a delightful smell.

Polka Dot Plant

The Polka Dot plant is a hugely versatile plant that adds a splash of colour to your home all year round, or can become an annual foliage plant to spruce up the attractiveness of an outdoor garden. Rain and rich soil outdoors make them a plant which take care of themselves, although you should plant them in the shade as too much direct sunlight can be harmful. Indoors, they should be fertilized once a month.


For a pet-friendly plant which gives your garden a unique and relaxing fragrance, look no further than Jasmine. Plant the bushes in the autumn to ensure they flower in time. They thrive in warm, direct sunlight, but make sure to give them plenty of room; Jasmine bushes grow up to 10-15 feet in height.

Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is a favourite for indoor gardening because it is easy to maintain and looks great anywhere, whether it be in a hanging basket, cascading off a cabinet, or sitting happily in a pot. They don’t need a lot of light, grow in any environment warmer than 10˚C and only need to be fed and watered sporadically.


The brightly-coloured flowers of Petunias come in a range of colour and won’t only entice you and your pets, but insects and birds, too, bringing life into your garden. They are easy to grow and maintain and require little water once they have matured.

So, while there are numerous common plants which are highly toxic to pets, with a little planning, it is possible to grow indoor and outdoor plants that are attractive, easy to maintain and perfectly safe for our pets.

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