In today’s world, you can never be too careful or have too many eyes on those things that you consider most valuable. The thought of a stranger gaining access to your home, business or possessions is probably enough to make your skin crawl. Thankfully there are a number of security measures on the market that can limit the likelihood of this happening.

CCTV camera installation really is the most dynamic option when it comes to home or business safety. Having these devices in place in conjunction with a quality alarm system could save you in the event of a robbery or mishap.

Though the obvious option, security camera installation isn’t always so straight forward. There’s an array of factors to keep in mind when looking to invest in one of these devices. We’ve narrowed it down to the important tips so you won’t have to waste time—Get started and make your home or office safe.

What and Why

Security cameras and CCTV installation are devices of advanced video recording technology that work together to protect a vicinity.

With these devices, you’ll have real time access to footage of anything going on on your premises, 24/7. CCTV security cameras act as your eyes and ears whenever a space is left unoccupied.

The footage captured by these devices is usually transferred to a central memory point where it’s stored for a certain period of time, in case it needs to be reviewed for any reason. Eventually, to prevent backlog, the footage will be deleted and new recordings of more recent events will replace it. And so the routine goes.

There are many scenarios where security camera installation can come in very handy. For the most part it’s homes and businesses that see the highest benefits in making use of one or more of these devices.


It’s rare to find a business anywhere in Australia that isn’t already making use of security camera technology.

Businesses across the board need to ensure optimized security, including shopping centers, corporate offices, entertainment venues and restaurants. There should essentially be no point in time where a business vicinity isn’t being monitored.

Many business insurance policies actually require CCTV security camera installation as part of their coverage clauses. This ensures that in the event of a claim, the insured can easily prove what really happened on the premises and follow through with the claim.

Our advice to you: Don’t underestimate the value of these important devices.

A lot of business related crime mysteries have been solved thanks to investigators finding CCTV camera footage on the property, or on nearby properties, which lead them to the perpetrators.


home security

Like a business, your home contains just as much value and importance that is worth keeping safe. More and more home owners across Australia are seeking out security camera installation to further protect themselves & their families.

Some individuals prefer the camera placement around the perimeter of the home while others go as far as installing CCTV cameras inside of the house as well. It all comes down to personal preference.

If you value the safety of your family and possessions, then it’s worthwhile to consider installing security cameras in your home today.

Proper Installation

There are a few important factors to keep in mind when it comes to surveillance and monitoring through CCTV camera installations:

  • Quality matters and sometimes this means having to splurge a little on equipment that can withstand the external forces at play such as weather conditions.
  • A manufacturer should meet the ethics code laid out by surveillance technology lawmakers. Ask for documentation as proof.
  • Don’t purchase CCTV cameras from a discount store or marketplace. They’re often cheap knockoffs and can’t guarantee the performance that authentic products can.

If properly installed, a CCTV security camera can provide years of high performance and coverage. Since they’re supposed to perform in emergency situations you need to ensure the quality of the unit is sound.

Handy tip: Be sure to ask your security camera manufacturer to advise you on the best possible placement for your security cameras. Sometimes the experts are better at picking out blind spots that will offer much more range than originally expected.


There are many notable benefits to a properly installed CCTV security camera system:

  • Safety and protection for your home or business in the event of a security breach
  • Ability to see what is going on premises even when you’re not physically there
  • Increased trust in your environment because it can deter criminals from trying anything
  • Lower insurance rates
  • The peace of mind that there’s nothing that will go unseen

Installing quality CCTV security cameras will be one of the best things you do for your home or business. For a once off cost the devices will reap endless, long term benefits.

It’s important that you think of it as more of an investment than an expense. Imagine how much you’ll save with fewer claims and fewer assets lost or damaged.

Final Thoughts

You’d be surprised to learn how many of the most efficient cities in the world run security infrastructures purely on CCTV systems. They give you the upper hand when it comes to surviving in the modern age.

We look forward to hearing about how CCTV security cameras changed the dynamic of your home or business for the better—Share your stories below.

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