Stump grinding is used to grind down the remaining tree stump after a tree has been cut down. Using a heavy piece of machinery with a controlled arm and steel cutting wheel, a stump grinder cuts through the stump and grinds it down to ground level or below.

Stump grinding is one of the most effective solutions in tree removal as it removes the exposed stump. A tree stump can be both unattractive for landscaping and dangerous, creating a potential hazard for children playing or risking damage to a lawn mower. Stump grinding removes the stump without causing damage to surrounding landscaping. It can also be effective in ensuring that termites, ants, bees or other pests do not nest in the remaining tree stump.

The Importance Of Hiring Professional Stump Grinding Services

While stump grinding is very effective, it can also be difficult to do by someone who is not well trained in the process. Stump grinding machines are complex and can be hard to operate properly and safely. The best way to make sure that stump grinding is performed efficiently is by hiring professional tree stump grinding services.

When not performed properly by a trained professional, a stump grinding machine can not only cause damage to the lawn, but can also hit underground water lines or underground power lines resulting in significant and costly damage. There are laws in place that require all underground utilities be clearly marked before digging, because of the nature of the process, stump grinding must also comply.

Hitting underground lines can cause destruction of main water lines, sprinkler or irrigation lines, electrical lines, gas lines, sewer lines, and even communication lines. Before any stump grinding operation can take place, utilities must be clearly identified and visibly marked. This will set the necessary parameters to avoid damages. For example, if underground lines are found beneath the stump or in close proximity, grinding will be prohibited within a certain radius and depth.

The best way to avoid hitting underground water, power or gas lines during stump grinding is to hire a professional tree service. A company experienced in stump grinding services will be best equipped, both in experience and tools, to get the job done quickly, effectively and safely.

Professional stump grinding services performed by trained tree specialists have the knowledge to ensure that the risk of hitting an underground water line is reduced by following due diligence in finding where lines are. They also have the skill, protective gear, and machinery to complete the job safely and efficiently.

Las Vegas Stump Grinding Services

Nevada Tree Service offers professional stump grinding and stump removal services that will remove unwanted tree stumps without causing damage to landscaping or damage underground water or power lines. Our team of skilled technicians is highly experienced in operated stump grinding machinery and completely successful stump removal. For more information about professional stump grinding in Las Vegas and surrounding areas, call Nevada Tree Service toady at (702) 433-4700.

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