As summer approaches you will want to keep your doors or windows open but it may invite some unwanted guests – insects or bugs – those may get you into trouble.

Bugs and insects are everywhere, especially in a humid environment they can make your home their permanent sanctuary. Not only, during the summer, keeping yourself close to nature throughout the year can benefit you in many ways.

The regular supply of fresh air and continuous air circulation is necessary for good health. Furthermore, Stale air (in blocked or in the closed area) can propagate the breeding of insects and this can have an unpropitious effect on your health.

Do you want to enjoy the natural air without worrying about bugs?

This is where you need a fly screen to protect yourself from various insects. However, the screens have been for a long time in Australia. Back in 1832, it was first produced in America and after that, window screen gained widespread popularity. But, nowadays retractable fly screens have become more than a protective cover.

Benefits of flyscreen

The best benefit of using window screens is it keeps the annoying, disease-carrying pests, and unwanted insects outside of the premises whilst allow the circulation of fresh air in warm weather.

Especially, they keep away flies outside your premises. Flies don’t physically harm you, apart from few that can bite, but they are suspected of transmitting more than 60 diseases to humans, including typhoid, cholera, tuberculosis, etc. With window screens you will able to enjoy life without bugs, and insects without humming around our heads.

Aesthetic Appeal & Window Protection

Are you planning to sell a home? The idea of installing a visually appealing screen will add more value to your home. Decorative fly screens provide and striking look to the doors or windows.

Having windows or doors with the screens may impress buyers. When fly screens are in good condition and kept clean, they also prevent windows from getting dirty. They will work as a protection cover for your windows.

Whether you prefer modern or classic, the screen will never disturb the beauty of your home.

How to Install Fly Screens

They can be installed efficiently and the good thing is they will not ruin the aesthetic appeal of your home.  Before, installing a window screen make sure that you are wearing safety gear and using a suitable tool.

Things You Need to Install Screens:

  • Screen clips
  • Screen clip screws
  • Tape to measure
  • Drilling machine
  • Fly screen skirts

Steps To Install Fly Screen

  1. First, place the screen skirts on the both sides of the winder and position the skirts so that one end can fit into the winder and other ends fit into the jamb.
  2. Now use the drill, fix the screw on the skirt.
  3. Take a pencil and draw a small line across the jamb.
  4. Now mark the point on the jamb.
  5. Pick the fly screen and place it on the window.
  6. Use the drill machine to fix the other screws.
  7. Done! You have successfully installed the screen on your window.

Types of Fly Screen

There are various types of fly screens available and are used to prevent a different type of insects. Let’s have a look at some common screens that are used by many households.

  1. Retractable Fly Screens
  2. Sliding Fixed Fly Screens
  3. Hinged Fly Screens

Retractable Fly Screen

You can use it on the windows, sliding door or on patio enclosures. Most people prefer the retractable fly screen because they can be easily removed.

A retractable fly screen can fit into many styles of door and windows. You can install it without any trouble and even can be customised further.

They are made up of quality material to ensure that you will use them for a long time. The retractable fly screen usually lasts around 10-15 years. They come in a variety of options, sizes and shapes. This means you can select the best one that suits your taste and budget.

Fixed Fly Screens

In such areas like basements, and attics where you don’t require to close the door mesh, fly screens are a very practical option for you.  Fixed flyscreen system is used on less used windows and doors.

These screens provide great protection against flies, mosquitoes, and other insects. As the name suggests the frame is made of a stable structure, it cannot be moved once installed.  They are the best option to keep the premises protected from unwanted activities such as theft.

Hinged Fly Screen

The hinged fly screen, made of an elegant aluminium frame with fibreglass mesh making it amazingly effective fly screen to protect you from unwanted bugs. These are made to fit onto the doors or windows. In addition to this, they are well suited to the small windows or apertures.

Things to Consider

Always check the quality of the mesh before choosing the fly screens. The mesh is the most important part that describes the life of any screen. The more strong mesh means the screen will last longer.

The more common mesh is made of polypropylene or polyester. Also, it is cost-effective and very easy to maintain. Keeping mesh is sometimes exhausting task but polyester very easy to clean.

Many people prefer steel or aluminium made meshes as they are last very long. Both of the meshes are an excellent option for the security door of the business.

While you are selecting the screen, make sure that the door where you are going to fix it, should be functional after installing it.

Along with quality and design, size should be in priority as a wrong sized screen would require extra muscle effort from you.

For many people, the price is the top factor but if you are going to install it the main door or the at the place that is being used frequently then retractable or hinged fly screens are a good option.

How Long a Window Screen Last?

Generally, all screens last for many years, but it basically depends on the material that your screen is made out of, and also the environment that it encounters.


Protecting the premise with screening is the easiest method of protecting yourself and the family members as well from pests carrying diseases. Fly screens are often highly-durable, this means your one-time investment will make your life comfortable and stress-free.

Because of their versatility, retractable fly screens Melbourne are in high demand. Their simple, easy to maintain, durable construction makes them a popular choice among users.

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