Oak Parquetry was widely prevalent in the mid centuries and vanished from the scene for a while. Gradually and slowly it came back into recognition and gained popularity. One of the main reasons why it emerged in the 80’s and 90’s as a mark of elegance was because of its magic to transform simple look into a sophisticated and pleasing appearance.

Parquetry is the art of hand cutting pieces of different colored hardwood into different shapes and sticking them together to prepare an abstract pattern which looks unique and captivating as flooring.

Endearing qualities of oak parquetry:

Oak parquetry has gained momentum recently more than ever, for reasons:

  • Interior designers who look for unique conceptualizations for floorings found it intriguing and attractive
  • It enhances the rustic and traditional appearance in the flooring
  • It introduces class and style
  • It is easy to glue it up and fix on the floor like a tile without using a nail or hammer
  • A skilled art that assembles very small wood pieces into a beautiful flooring

The standard sizes and designs of oak parquetry are available in the market and you can readily choose from them. If your designing instincts take over and you want to step away from the conventional designs, you can easily go in for the tailor-made options to suit your needs and preferences.

oak parquetry

To personalize the parquetry according to your taste you can:

Give it a new shape

It is your world of imagination. When you like the classic look of oak parquetry but would like to give it your touch, you can change the shape of the wooden pieces to be glue together and make a pattern of your own with various colours. This can easily be done with the help of a laser.

Select off-cuts to add spark

People who are budget conscious but want to add charm to and personifying their room can use off-cuts from a diverse range of woods. Giving a new shape and adding different colours, creating a larger or a squarer tile, changing the placement of the tiles customized by you would spark up the room and make it more appealing.

A stroke of paint

You may also add a little paint in the parquetry fashion to brighten up the room and highlight your walls and your décor. This will enhance coordination and integrate the colour schemes of the walls and ceilings.

Dye Casting

It is all about adding your personal touch to your room. One way of giving a different look is by adding dyes to the tiles before you place them as flooring. Not only will it beautify the design but also make it conceptually intriguing.

It is wondrous how wood can be placed in different shapes to create a repeated pattern and make a simple room flooring appear royal and antique.

Even though oak parquetry is back in fashion, it is laced with certain limitations that may be a cause of inconvenience and should be refrained as it does not go down well with many for reasons

  • Parquet is very thin thus holding no structural value.
  • It cannot be used as flooring for basements because of its moisture holding property.
  • They do not absorb sounds thus they are not suitable for dwellings that are multi-occupied.

Oak parquetry flooring is easy to clean and maintain and their repair can be easily done as they do not need nailing and hammering. They can be glued together. They are mostly used for bedrooms and hallways within homes and also on basketball courts.



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