It’s about that time where the year begins to come to a close, and interior designers abound are jumping onto the emerging trends of the upcoming year. Being ahead of the curve is in a designer’s nature, and comes from visits to design shows, luxury stores, and worldwide trends. Fortunately, you don’t need to do all that. Décor Aid’s interior design trends is the finest collection which we have observed so that you can have the most stylish place on the block.

1. Layering Patterns

While this was considered an unsightly faux pas in the past, we’ve noticed an increase in the use of patterns in a single space, even if they aren’t identical. Interior decoration tends to favor simplicity, with many interior design trends getting simpler and more minimal over the years, but the layering and mixing of patterns has proven to be as stylish as ever. When decorating, try a printed couch with patterned accent pillows. We suggest choosing patterns you wouldn’t normally see together, and both can be as loud as you want. However, there should be some unifying element between the two for the best interior design – perhaps a particular color, shape, or pattern, so that they don’t look completely mismatched.

2. Black is Back

For how long now have we been told to stay away from black in our home decor? It will make your room appear smaller, it will absorb light, it will be too depressing. We’re here to say that black interior design trends are back and better than ever. Our favorite is a simple black accent wall to offset a room with all white walls, paired with matte black home decor accents, like vases, hardware, or artwork. While you can feel free to incorporate as much black as you want, still be mindful of a balance so that there’s still depth to your space.

3. Art Deco Color Palettes

These shades are decadent and moody with the right amount of vibrancy. Look for blush toned furniture, like couches and chairs, complemented by gold hardware, in furniture, decor, and frames. Complementary colors like olive green, oxblood, and navy will make an appearance in rugs, pillows, and drapery, creating a dynamic color palette. Designer tip: these shades look best in heavy velvets, so incorporate this fabric into your interior decoration.

4. Curved Sofas

Taking another cue from the days of art deco, curved sofas are becoming more and more common to see in a living room setting. Whether that be the silhouette of the backside, or the actual shape of the couch being curved instead of straight, furniture is stepping outside the box to show that rigidity will be left in 2018. You’ll notice a more fully encompassing feeling when sitting on curved sofas or chairs, and find that the feeling of your interior decoration has changed entirely.

5. Statement Ceilings

So you thought the statement wall was the only way to mix up your walls? Enter the statement ceiling, which can be as simple as a complementary color, or as complex as a detailed wallpaper. Interior design NYC has begun to pick up this trend in spaces that have all-white walls. One thing is for certain: this can be a difficult design concept to pull off, so you’ll want to be sure that no other elements in the room pull focus, or your space will be left looking overwhelmed. Choose a solid color for your walls, so that your statement ceiling can really shine with the pattern of your choice.

6. Ornate Wallpaper

Speaking of wallpaper, it is no longer what your grandmother had papered to the walls of her kitchen. Wallpaper has become excruciatingly detailed and ornate, oftentimes with a gilded shine incorporated into the design. While geometric design is on the incline, so are more traditional designs that incorporate classic floral and art deco shapes. This new class of wallpaper provides dimension that a simple splash of paint can’t.

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7. Darker Kitchens

For as long as we can remember, kitchens have largely been a space to make airy, bright, and spirited. In 2019, look for dark, moody kitchens that create a completely different atmosphere. Inspiration can be found at the opposite end of the color spectrum, with dark forest greens, navy blues, and charcoal greys adorning the walls. While interior design trends keep evolving, we think darker kitchens will be here to stay.

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8. Backlighting

When displaying precious home decor items within a bookcase, sometimes they don’t get the attention they deserve. Backlighting has been a huge advancement in the aesthetics of shelving, with a moody, glamorous glow that draws the eye to your shelving without the dramatics of a spotlight. You’ll notice that the best interior design NYC has to offer frequently uses this technique when showing off shelved decor.

9. Tiled Walls

Tiled walls are no longer just for outdated bathrooms. Kitchens have caught on to the trend, using tiles in more spaces than a simple backsplash for the best interior design. From moroccan tiles to matte concrete, tiles have proven to be an accent that is a huge asset to the elevation of a space with home decor. Some dining rooms have even used a strip of tile within a wall to create a striking new statement area.

10. Geometric patterns

Starting in the bustling interior design NYC frequently, uses, geometric patterns have started to make appearances throughout various items of home decor, from wallpaper, to art, to rugs. This symmetry brings an interesting feature to flat spaces, and can really allow the eye to travel around your interior design.

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