When planning on home renovations you will always plan it to your budget but strive to get the very best product to reflect your home.

To save on your finances there are various options you can lean towards that provide the same look but with various properties that provide more stability and value for money for much longer. In this case it is all about Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring in place of hardwood flooring.

When it comes to reliability, Vinyl flooring offers up three promises that real hardwood flooring cannot compete with.


Like any vinyl flooring brand, Luvanto is high in durability incorporating high measures of water resistance and hard ware layers.

This makes Luvanto and other vinyl flooring brands ideal for rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms where higher levels of water risk are present. Vinyl flooring is the perfect floor for rooms with heavily foot traffic thanks to their hardwearing design, meaning those family rooms benefit greatly from the endurance that children and pets place on your floor every day.

Also of interest in this department is vinyl’s low maintenance requirements, where a regular mop, sweep or hoover keeps the floor in its intended presentation state.


Though once upon a time a sometimes ugly product to behold, luxury vinyl tiles and planks have taken very large steps to provide the largest selections of woods, stone, slate, ceramic and other designs at its disposal.

It’s current versatility in aesthetic provides enough scope to fully fit a variety of designs throughout the home, not just in one room. Those wanting a dark wood approach to the living room connecting to a hallway that has tiles find that vinyl is the product that provides the best look of authenticity without seeming disjointed between rooms.


Vinyl flooring is considered among the easiest solutions to install, so much so that you may not even require a professional fitter to install them on your behalf.

Planks and tiles can utilise a click system with pieces that can be cut to size ahead of installation, turning your room into a luxurious jigsaw puzzle whilst you work. By simply clicking together these boards over your levelled subfloor (or using an adhesive if working with glue down tiles) you can cut down on time and money if you feel up to the DIY challenge.

Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is a product chosen by many as one of the most popular choices when it comes to simpler flooring solutions, with these reliable areas serving as a great return on investment for many years ahead.

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