When you’re traveling across the country at high speeds, safety is your prime concern, which often means slipping on a full riding suit. However, if you’re just cruising city streets or going to a friend’s house, you may want to wear something lighter. Motorcycle riders don’t have to wear high protective gears all the time if the ride is not on a dangerous trail. Casual cruiser gear for everyday wear makes it easy to relax and rock your signature style while still offering great protection.

What Is Casual Motorcycle Clothing?

Casual motorcycle clothing is more than just slapping on your favorite tank top. Even the best riders know that accidents can happen due to careless drivers. The purpose of motorcycle casual wear is to let you enjoy a laid back style with reinforced materials that stand up to unexpected spills.

Casual Cruiser Gear Essentials

Layering clothing is a great way to balance protection and style. Here are a few essential pieces of clothing:

  • Jacket: Your jacket expresses your personality, provides significant protection while riding and slides off effortlessly when you arrive at your destination. Jackets are versatile in spring, summer, fall and winter weather. So, a quality jacket can be one of the top clothing for the motorcycle riders.
  • Pants: Whether you choose to rock skin-tight riding pants or relaxed-fit jeans is up to you. Jeans for motorcycle riders are breathable and comfortable, but they also offer heavyweight construction. It is recommended you always wear comfortable, durable yet stylish jeans for your rides if you are on a small distance motorcycle ride.
  • Long-sleeve shirts and hoodies: If it’s cooler outside, a high-quality flannel shirt looks great, keeps your skin safe from scratches and helps you stay toasty. Many hoodies make a strong statement about your favorite brands, and they rock for spring and fall weather. There are so many different options to you when choosing long-sleeve shirts and hoodies and you can pick the ones that go well with your personality, preferences and size.
  • Tees: Wearing short sleeves gives you less overall protection, but when layered or paired with a solid jacket you’re good to go for casual cruising in the city. Casual biker shirts keep you cool at restaurants, sporting events and with friends.
  • Shorts: Board shorts are a natural choice for parties and beachfront relaxation. Smart layers protect you on the road while awesome colors are impossible to miss.

Have Fun Your Way

There’s a huge variety of casual clothing options for motorcycle enthusiasts, from branded Honda hoodies to bad-to-the-bone jeans. The important thing is to stay true to your personality, have some fun and stay safe on the road. Just because you ride motorcycles does not mean you can’t have fun wearing your favorite branded t-shirts, jeans or hoodies. Most importantly, you need to feel very comfortable wearing whatever you want to wear on your bike. If it last long and is stylish, you got everything covered.

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