Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most special days of your entire life, so it goes without saying that you would want to add your own unique touches to capture the spirit of your relationship. Whilst traditional weddings do have their place, some global traditions may seem strange to those who are unfamiliar. Here, wedding ring suppliers Angelic Diamonds take a look at some of the quirkiest wedding traditions from around the world!

Missing a birthday

Many men rely on the classic fuel station flowers and box of chocolates when they realise they have forgotten their partner’s big day – if they even remember at all! But women in Samoa can put their husbands in the dog house for being more than just forgetful. If a man forgets his wife’s birthday, then he has broken the law according to the country’s laws. So, best set a reminder or keep a diary if you aren’t 100% sure!

In sobriety and in health

While it’s hard to dissociate the image of a couple tying the knot in a drunken haze in Las Vegas, the situation is quite the opposite in Mississippi. While enjoying a celebratory glass of prosecco on the morning of your big day is generally fine, taking things too far can reduce your happy memories of the day into nothing more than drunken slurs.

Keep the family name

America is home to many obscure laws, even outside of marriage. But where a partnership is concerned, there are some interesting laws which apply. In Utah, it is perfectly legal to marry your first cousin if you are both over the age of 55. End the fret about having to take your spouse’s questionable surname and simply marry in to the one you’ve already got! The age limit relates mainly to the prohibition of inter-familial reproduction, as this age is regarded as exceeding the age of natural conception.

Love from beyond the grave

Although this is a slightly morbid one, the French have a marriage law which goes beyond the grave. In France, a person can legally marry a deceased person. For example, if you have fallen for someone and you had planned to tie the knot, but they die before you can, then you can go ahead with the union. Any posthumous marriage must be approved by the person’s next of kin though, and some people take comfort in this fulfilment of an individual’s wishes.

A public spectacle

This is a tradition to avoid for shy couples to-be, but if you follow the rules in Monaco then you must publicise your wedding to the local community for 10 days beforehand by sticking a note on the door of the Town Hall. If you’ve already had to scale down on evening guests, then be thankful that you don’t have to abide to this French rule.

Busy on the day? No worries

Another interesting American tradition here, as in Montana, you don’t technically have to attend your own wedding. Due to a ‘double proxy’ clause, in wedding laws, the state outlines the example of members of the armed forces who may wish to marry but cannot be physically present to do so. The couple can get stand-ins for themselves, so if being the centre of attention doesn’t do it for you then this could be a potential solution!

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