It is tempting to pick the first nail polish when at the nail salon to paint your nails. However, this choice can be made with much more thought and deliberation. Choosing the perfect nail color can be influenced by your skin tone, by the places you will go, or by your personal preference. Find the nail polish color that matches you, and be ready to receive lots of compliments on your manicures.

Tip 1. Choose from your Skin Tone

We all have slightly different skin tones, but there are some colors of nail polish that work better with one tone than another. For those with light or medium skin, nail polish that is nude passed will look nice and accentuate the pink undertones of the nail. Conversely, if you have darker skin, you should try to use pastel-based colors instead of nude shades.

If you want a colored nail polish, pink and blue look pretty on any skin color. For pink, the darker the skin, the brighter the pink should be. The same general rule applies to blue where brighter blues look better on darker skin. If you choose a red color, the opposite tends to apply where brighter red looks good on pale skin and deeper red looks good on dark skin.

If you like other colors such as yellow or orange, just experiment to see what looks good. You can even ask the salon to paint two different colors and choose the one that you like the most. This is similar to what people do when they go to a paint store to pick a paint color.

Tip 2. Choose Based on the Occasion

Sometimes, people go to get a manicure for a specific occasion. This could be a dance, an event, or a job interview. The more professional the occasion, the less daring the nail polish choice should be. For example, a job interview goes with any nude or neutral nail polish color. You can even choose the neutral color that looks best with your skin.

Sometimes, you will want really bright or outlandish nail polish colors. For example, if you are going to a party or a themed event, you can choose to have crazy colors or even choose a different nail polish color per nail.

If the event is a holiday, then you can choose theme based colors. For example, St. Patrick’s Day lends itself well to green colors while for Thanksgiving you might try browns, yellows, or reds. Based on the time of year, you can also choose colors that go with what tends to happen in that season. For example, the spring is bright and hot while the winter is cold and dark. Your nail polish color can fit the moods of the season.

Tip 3. Choose Based on You

Finally, there is nothing wrong with choosing a nail polish color that is based on you and your personality. If you are bold and daring, you might want to try a bright color or silver color that attracts attention. If you are calm and peaceful you might want a pastel color. If you like to show confidence, you might choose a deep purple or red color. Finally, if you just like to have a polished look but not attract attention, you might choose a nude color.

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No matter which of the three strategies you use to paint your nails, you will be sure to find a color that resonates with you. Think about what is going on in your life and decide if it is more important to choose a style that complements you or if going for a look for a certain event is more important. One of the best things about nail polish color is that it can change as much as you want it too and if you don’t particularly care for one color, it is easy to try something different the next time.

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