Holidaying is a consideration like everything else. Albeit a pleasurable one, and something that you can look forward to considering almost as much as experiencing the holiday itself.

How Should I Travel?

Travelling can be the means of arriving at a holiday destination or even be a part of the holiday itself. If we consider it as a means of arriving there, our choice is primarily going to depend on the distance we wish to travel, and the accessibility of our proposed holiday destination. Our travel agents could decide for us, but if we organise our own travel package, then we can have more freedom to choose, saving on costs or adding luxury to the experience.

Increasingly, more people are choosing air travel for shorter distances. Then, not just thinking about the commercial airlines, but the extra benefit chartering a plane can bring them. For instance, avoiding delays at airports because of being able to check-in via a separate terminal.

You may wonder how to go about chartering a private plane. It really is as easy as clicking on a link. For instance, companies like Jettly offer just this service. You then just need to enter where you are travelling from, where you are going to, and when it is that you wish to do it. Then, you really can go up in the world.

Where Should I Go?

This is actually the first decision, but you must feel more relaxed already knowing that you have not necessarily got to face a busy airport, risk having your luggage go astray, or end up on an entirely different plane to the one you booked because a flight has been cancelled.

Interestingly, the most visited holiday destination is France, followed by Spain. Wherever you go in France, you can find historic buildings. There are the monuments of Paris, the romantic Eiffel Tower for instance, and the most picturesque chateaux and castle structures to be seen throughout this charming country.  In 2019 and 2020, Paris topped the list of best places to visit, with New Zealand’s South Island second, and Rome third. If you are looking for somewhere that can offer culture and the familiarity of home, then Spain is a popular tourist destination.

However, with private jet charter, you can pick your destination and not be confined to those of any fixed package offered by a travel agent.

For some tourist destination ideas, you might like to read the article attached to the link.

What Should I Take?

You can only answer this question by knowing just where it is that you are going. It depends whether you are packing to bask in the sun, ski on the slopes, or intrepidly explore the historic sites that your chosen country has to offer. If you are into photography or adventure, it will no doubt be the latter.

Backpackers will want to cover the most eventualities. Taking with them: hiking boots, a tent, bedding, a stove and fuel, a supply of food, and a water bottle. Why not begin with the luxury of a chartered private jet, then experience nature after you have arrived?

If you are travelling to an exotic location, why not begin with the luxuries a private jet has to offer? A roomy environment that will get you there faster because it is designed to be capable of flying in the airspace above which the commercial airliners can, avoiding bad weather and most other air traffic. And all with the privacy a desert island has to offer.

Thinking of desert islands, the top three most exotic places in the world are thought to be: Maui Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. Check out where your private jet charterer company can take you.

Some essentials to remember to take on an international holiday would be: Passport, boarding pass, insurance documents, visa if staying for any length of time, the appropriate currency or credit card that covers your destination, and your mobile phone. A mobile phone these days can be a source of travel information as well as being a way of keeping in touch with missed relatives, or phoning someone who can help you on your holiday. Your phone can act as a GPS and source of navigation, through the various apps you will, of course, have loaded onto it in advance. You may even have booked your holiday on the device in the first place.

So, it just remains for me to say, enjoy your holiday!

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