Few things are as much as seeing the world via travel, but that doesn’t mean you get to leave behind your common sense and your good hygiene habits. It’s easy to forget that there are dangers everywhere you go, but these tips are designed to help you stay safe, healthy, and happy while you’re away from home. From forgetting to eat healthy to forgetting basic safety measures, you must remember to avoid these things when you’re traveling if you want to maximize your fun.

Don’t Forget Your Own Water Bottle

If there is one thing you should do when you travel, it’s to bring your own water bottle. It’s always cleaner, healthier, and better for you than anything else. You have no idea how many hands have touched the water bottle you’re buying at your favorite coffee shop in the airport. However, you can pour that water in your

Fill2Pure Australian Water Filters cup and know that it’s never had anyone else’s germs on it. This is also recommended when you’re traveling so that you can avoid using your hotel room cups and classes. They are rarely as clean as you might assume, and you don’t want to put your mouths on those. It’s also helpful to have a cup like this to help you filter water that might not be as filtered as it should be in countries that aren’t your native country.

Don’t Carry All Your Cash With You

One of the biggest and most dangerous mistakes you can make while traveling is forgetting to separate your methods of payment before you leave your hotel room. It might sound a little terrifying to leave your credit card or some of your cash in a hotel room safe, but it’s something you should do before you go out and about. You have no idea what might happen when you’re away from home, and many people prey on tourists.

Put a credit card in your front pocket. Put some cash in your other pocket. Keep a card in your interior jacket pocket. Leave your other payment methods inside your handbag in the interior zipper pocket rather than in your wallet. When your cash and cards are split up, it’s isn’t quite as terrifying if your bag or wallet is lost or stolen. The other thing you cannot forget to do is leave your passport in your hotel room. The worst thing you can do is find your wallet missing with your photo identification with it. You must have an alternate form safely in your hotel room.

Don’t Forget to Make Copies of Your Personal Information

If you’re traveling out of the country, you must remember to make copies of all your personal information and store it somewhere it will not get lost. For example, make a copy of each credit card, your license, and your passport. Now give those copies to your mother or your sister or best friend or someone else you can trust. If they’re lost or stolen, you can call your loved one and get that information right away so you can cancel cards, reorder a passport at the local embassy, and do anything else you need to do to ensure your life is not put entirely on hold while you wait on replacement information.

Don’t Tell Strangers Where You Are Staying

It’s easy to make new friends when you’re traveling, but do not tell them where you are staying. Even more important than not mentioning the name of your hotel is being sure you don’t mention your room number. Remember, not everyone is as honest as they say they are. They might try to follow you to your room and come in behind you when you go into the room. They might hold you up, take your items, or try to take advantage of you. It’s best to keep your personal information to yourself, and it’s even wiser to keep your drink within your eyesight all night long when you’re out. This applies both away from home and at home.

Don’t Forget to Check Your Passport

It’s easy to forget that your passport does expire, so don’t forget to check the date before you travel. You may not have much time to renew it, and that’s not something you want to realize when it’s already too late. Furthermore, you also want to keep in mind that some countries will not accept your passport if it’s within so many months of expiring. While you have 10 years to keep it, you should never let it get within six months of expiring before you renew it. It’s the safest way to ensure your passport is not questioned in a foreign country.

Don’t Forget to Book Ahead

You’re not required to book anything in advance when you travel, but it’s not a bad idea. You can land, pick a hotel, and stay there for the night without a reservation or a problem. However, you might not know what’s going on in a town or city before you arrive, and finding a hotel room might be more of a problem than you imagined if there is a big celebration or event going on that you were not aware of. Sometimes it’s best to book in advance. It’s also safer to book in advance if you’re specific about where you want to stay.

Don’t Overpack

It’s not unsafe to overpack, but it’s also not wise to overpack. For one, you don’t want to pay those exorbitant overweight luggage fees at the airport. Second, you don’t want to hurt your back carrying around bags that are too heavy for you. Check the weather, know that locale, and pack basics in the same color pattern so you can mix and match and re-wear certain basics. Layers are also helpful in that you can take them off if you get too warm, but you’re never left in the cold.

There are a lot of dos and don’ts associated with safe and effective travel, but these are some of the best. If you can remember to wash your hands regularly and keep your private information to yourself, you can increase your chance of having a fun and memorable vacation significantly.

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