When it comes to generating leads for your sales team you may have tried several strategies. From surveys to having static forms on your website you have explored the most popular option for generating leads. However most of these strategies may have started to show diminishing returns. The reason behind this is simple – your target users come across dozens of surveys and static forms every day. There isn’t an incentive for them to participate in your survey or share their contact details in your static lead generation form. Given the competition you are up against you need to thing out of the box. And the question you should ask yourself is – how do I attract users to share their leads? This is where embracing online quizzes would be the smartest thing to do. Businesses that have treated this path have immensely benefited.

Why Quizzes Revitalize Your Lead Generation Endeavor?

Quizzes are the latest and surely among the hottest lead generation tools. They have the novelty factor on them that traditional lead generation techniques are slowly losing. In fact if stats are to be believed businesses that have switched over to lead quizzes have experienced up to five-fold increase in the number of leads within a short span of time. Imagine the possibilities when you sales team has five times the number of leads to follow compared to where you stand today. One of the primary reasons behind the popularity of quizzes is that they target users at a very personalized level. It is different from a generic content marketing strategy that is broad based and aims to target one and all. Users take part in quizzes as the process is engaging and also enriching. It lets them test their knowledge and also discover more about their personality. As you’d know when you grab eyeballs and engage your target users the opportunity of gathering leads multiplies.

Get Started With Online Quiz Maker

You may be in awe of other businesses that have been using quizzes as a part of their lead generation strategy. After all interactive content always seems to test the best of technical knowhow. However you’d be surprised to know that you neither have to have sound technical knowhow nor have to hire a seasoned developer to use lead quizzes as a part of your campaign. Online quiz makers do the job for you. An online quiz maker will let you create and launch both trivia and personality quizzes easily. All it takes is a few minutes for you to create and launch quizzes. You have the option to launch your quiz using ready-to-use templates or customize the designs and graphic to the last pixel.

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Online quiz makers offer you complete freedom to play around with questions, texts, graphics and other creative elements.  When you bundle your quiz with the right incentives such as discount coupons, complementary services or other freebies their reach and pull power increases exponentially. Depending on your needs and how you wish to go about with your lead generation campaign you can tailor the lead quiz campaign as you want. Here are few tips that would help you build the most attractive lead quiz campaigns –

  • Keep question count between 5 and 15. Very few questions don’t make the quiz engaging and too many can bore the users
  • In case of personality quizzes always prepare the outcomes and frame questions based on these outcomes
  • Personalize the quiz with respect to your brand, target audience and the idea behind the quiz. You need to arouse the right kind of desire in the minds of users
  • The quiz should be engaging and fun-filled. The outcomes should be positive in case of personality quizzes while in trivia quizzes questions should be appealing and easy.
  • Creatively integrate a lead generation form in the quiz. Place it before showing the outcome or success score in the quiz.

Reasons to Use Quizzes for Lead Generation

Quizzes are today the most potent tool for lead generation and here are some reasons why you must use them for your campaign –

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High Engagement Rate: This is surely the driving factor behind the use of quizzes in lead generation campaigns. When users come across quizzes on your website or social media handles there is a desire from within to take part in these quizzes. For some it is the chance to test their knowledge or know about their personality while for others it is welcome break from the mundane content that one comes across on the Internet.

Segregate Users: Leads alone don’t guarantee you success as it is often dependent on the quality of leads generated that decides success. When you make use of personality quizzes you will be able to know the needs and aspirations of your users. You will have information on what they are exactly looking for. When you have such kind of details in your hand you would be able to run a highly targeted campaign.

They Help Identify Buying Stages: As a business you know the importance of knowing which buying stage the user is in. With personality quizzes you would be able to identify the buying stage with respect to your concerned user. Once you have this information the odds of converting this lead into sale also multiplies.

Helps Remarketing Efforts: As much as you are committed to generating new leads you also need to focus on your existing customers. Since these customers already have a relationship with your brand generating sales from them is much easier. With quizzes you would be able to know about their future buying needs and market your latest products and services in front of their eyes.

To sum up online quiz makers help you improving your lead generation efforts. Being highly engaging they would help you generate more leads and also segregate users based on their buying needs. If you haven’t tried a lead quiz campaign yet you should immediately launch a lead quiz using an online quiz maker. They are fast, easy to use and revitalize your marketing efforts.


Mark Gill is a writer and marketing expert. He specializes in interactive content and spends most of his time online looking out for new things and implementing the best possible solutions for his work. He constantly explores trends in content marketing and uses them to increase engagement and ensure success. He has always strived for perfection and is surely on the path to achieve it.

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