The basic tenets of digital marketing include the creation of powerful messages to attract the perfect customers hook, line, and sinker. But what matters is the apt delivery of your message that includes the comprehensive digital marketing approach of SEO, SMO, client retention, client engagement, pay-per-click, search advertising, and much more.

Businesses continue to gain customers and profits in due course, earning the first and fast mover’s advantage.

Now you can emulate successful businesses too, leveraging the best digital marketing trends of 2019 that one should pay attention to:

1. Artificial Intelligence Will be Able to Profile Buyers

Artificial intelligence will definitely make its presence felt more than ever as AI has now presently proliferated into customer segmentation, push notifications, retargeting and much more. It is evidently having a huge impression on present trends but it depends on business goals and channels too. Leveraging AI in marketing intelligence is key to success in a niche market.

According to a Blueshift study, 28% of marketers are already leveraging AI for product recommendations while just about 26% are using AI for efficient campaign optimization. AI is expected to boost sales while according to Forrester’s Global State of Artificial Intelligence Online Survey, more than half of businesses are keen to utilize artificial intelligence to boost customer experience.

Even Branding companies in Sydney are keen to utilize AI in digital marketing campaigns and help reach their client goals through personalization. An online marketing survey by IDC and Criteo confirm this aspect as 67% of marketers believed that AI can deliver personalized headlines and copy while 66% believe it can initiate personalized designs and creative for ads.

Utilizing AI efficiently for digital marketing strategy is not as easy as it seems as not many businesses are able to implement it successfully. One can utilize AI-powered image-search though for enhancing shopping features especially to make accessibility to products better than before. Even online robots can work with this AI concept as machine learning will evolve and become popular in due course of time.

2. Usage of Chatbots

Human beings rely on social interactions, which is why social media networks are incredibly popular today. However constant social media engagement is not feasible for companies. Instead, one can rely on a chatbot to interact with website visitors with predefined answers to a host of questions.

The evolution of artificial intelligence over the years has led to the emergence and usage of chatbots since they can hold basic conversations without hassles with visitors. They can even answer basic questions about the site like a live customer support representative too.

Several websites have offered live chats with real customer support representatives for years, but the system has made people wait longer. In these cases, chatbots can handle basic queries efficiently and even redirect the customers to relevant pages. A chatbot proves to be a cheaper alternative than a customer support representative since it can answer most questions immediately without delay.

Chatbots have greeted visitors and boosted visitor engagement in spades. The monthly conversations spiked in nearly every website with a chatbot along with a connected increase in conversions. Some businesses also rely on variations of chatbots with enhanced use of AI to get things done and handled efficiently.

3. The Rise of Omnichannel Marketing

Consumers are now tech-savvy since most of them are able to find their way through the web to find what they want. Prospects can communicate to businesses through the same channels including the social media ones like Twitter and Facebook ads. Email subscribers on the other hand contact through emails while website visitors post in their queries and needs through chat or comments.

But multichannel marketing did not help in due course. The rise of omnichannel marketing has been directly connected to the failure of multichannel marketing to deliver results and better experience to consumers. Omnichannel marketing delivers a seamless and streamlined communication process through all channels.

Omnichannel marketing helps businesses keep track of interactions from a particular customer and if they post in their needs again, the stored interactions help representatives attend to them better than ever, with personalized advice in a trice!

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As digital marketing is expanding horizons across images, videos, and every piece of content out there, businesses would soon evolve beyond search engines to get every element to matter. Without the right strategy, you are bound to lose traffic –in 2019!

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