According to Safe Work Australia, workplace injuries and diseases cost the Australian economy over $60 billion each year. And the brunt of that monumental figure falls on the workers themselves. Not only do workplace injuries and diseases leave the victim in intense pain or discomfort, but they take a substantial financial toll as well. The cost of medical treatment, social welfare programs, and loss of income add up to an eye-watering sum, often far more than the victim can afford.

A successful workers’ compensation claim will reimburse the sufferer for all direct and indirect losses associated with the claim. Furthermore, the ability to afford high-quality healthcare will enable them to make the fastest possible recovery. The law surrounding workers’ compensation is complex, so it’s essential to enlist professional help to optimise your chance of success. Here’s how a lawyer can help you ace your workers’ compensation claim.

They Understand the Mumbo Jumbo

The typical workers’ compensation claim is filled with all sorts of complex legal jargon, most of which sound foreign to the untrained ear. A highly skilled and qualified workcover lawyer, on the other hand, has the necessary experience and training to make sense of the jargon and employ it effectively in court.

They’ll Eliminate Any Errors

With all that complicated legal jargon to wade through, it’s all too easy for a layman to make a few mistakes when trying to submit a claim on their own. And even the tiniest legal stuff up could see a payout reduced by a significant amount, or perhaps denied altogether. An expert workcover lawyer can identify any issues before submission to optimise your claim.

They Know What You Need To Prove and How to Do It

A workers’ compensation claim requires the claimant to prove several vital facts related to the incident in court. The claimant may need to demonstrate: they’re legally considered a worker under Australian law; their injury arose through their employment; they reported the injury to their manager; they completed a WorkCover form and submitted their claim within a specified period.

Granted, some of these requirements are relatively easy to fulfil. Others, however, can be extremely complicated and may require professional help.

They Know Your Entitlements

The payout between cases varies tremendously, depending on numerous factors.

An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer knows precisely what you can claim and how much to ask for, which they can ascertain through the following:

  • The state of your workplace and your working conditions, including whether you received adequate OHS training
  • The liability of your employer, specifically whether they are at fault in any way for your injury
  • The severity of the injury, including medical costs and the pain and suffering involved
  • The recovery process of your injury, including whether any ongoing rehabilitation costs will be required or if chronic pain or illness may ensue

All these aspects determine how much a claim is worth. A specialist compensation lawyer can individually assess each one to maximize the potential payout.

They’ll Put Up A Fight For You

Workers’ compensation claims are defended by large multinational insurance firms who have an army of specialist lawyers at their disposal. And for the average Joe, going out against the bigwigs in court is an intimidating prospect, to say the least.

A workers’ compensation lawyer already has years – perhaps decades – of experience going head-to-head with insurance companies in court. Consequently, they’ll be able to put up a heck of a fight on your behalf.

They’re Risk-Free

Almost all workers’ compensation lawyers adopt a “no-win, no-fee” approach, meaning the injured party has nothing to lose by using a lawyer. Going it alone, however, means you’re more likely to lose the case and could miss out on a sizeable sum of cash.

As you can see, contracting a workers’ compensation lawyer is a no-brainer should you become injured at work. Therefore, it makes sense to get in touch with your preferred firm to simplify the process and optimise your claim.

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