It’s always good to know where you can save a bit of money, get the best deal and know you’re on the right track, from your supermarket shop to buying a new house. But it’s not always easy to decipher the best routes and you can sometimes end up taking the long way round to get what you want. So be smart with your money and save your hard earned cash.

Buying a house

Getting your hands on your first property is one of the biggest investments you can make, so it’s essential you are making the right choice and making the most of your savings. You may think that buying your first home requires a huge pot of savings that could take decades to accumulate, but with the introduction of a new government scheme this doesn’t have to be the case. Shared ownership allows you to part buy part rent a property while paying a deposit on only the portion you wish to own. And with the option to buy between 25%-75% of a property you can end up paying a deposit as little as 2.5%. You can buy these homes all over the UK from shared ownership in East Hampshire to properties for sale in Brighton so don’t get deterred by house prices, this scheme is a helping hand onto the property ladder without the hassle.

Day to Day spending

One of the best ways to save money in the long run and cut your spending day to day is by carrying cash. You’re far less likely to break into a £50 note if you can see the physical bill than if you were using your card. This will help you save money and whether its properties under shared ownership in Newham you’re putting the cash away for or simply a trip to Marbella at the end of the month. Having a full purse can give you the mindfulness to get those numbers up.

Buying a car

Whether you’re looking to buy your first one, upgrade your old one or add to a huge collection, buying a car is something that can cost a lot depending on different circumstances. For example all car companies-and sale businesses too in fact-have to meet quotas by the end of the month. Therefore buying a car at the end of the month can be considerably cheaper than buying a car at the beginning of the month. This is also true of car dealerships annually meaning the best time to shop is in the final months of the year. So get yourself in gear and don’t pay anymore than you have to.

Speak to a human

While it’s easier to simply click a button and have your holiday booked or a new credit card on the way, speaking to someone and asking for a cheaper deal can save you a bit more cash. Most companies offer promotions but won’t do this until they are provoked so give them a call. From broadband companies to the gas and leccy, you can find a better deal simply by asking.

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