If you are a company that requires lifting and hoisting as a part of your operations, then there is always the question of equipment and the frequency that you might need to use it. Portable Gantry Cranes offer the advantage of flexibility; circumventing the need to buy heavy duty plant equipment outright (and the capital and ongoing maintenance costs that come with them). This benefit is enhanced when you combine the option to rent. This is a way to get that significant ‘edge’ over the competition as a business in the material handling industry.


When it comes to Gantry Cranes, you can’t go past portable variants for unparalleled versatility. Opting for these when you can (as opposed to fixed, overhead crane systems) is always a prudent choice. Not only are they completely mobile, but they also ‘tick the box’ for most jobs with their substantial maximum lifting capacity. Fitting together with relative ease, these portable Gantry Cranes feature bolt-together components that slot together as a part of the complete assembly process.

Features that make Portable Gantry Canes so versatile:

  • Are commonly available in either steel or aluminum construction.
  • Lift capacities may range from around 250 kg up to 5000 kg.
  • May run on a manual chain block or electric hoist (similar for beam trolleys for host travel) and can include a motorised wheelbase.

Customisable extras

The scope of a Portable Gantry Crane in expanded further by the virtue of the availability of a range of customisable extras. Different attachments such a wall mounted I-beams, single A-frame legs and a range of wheel options make it even easier to adapt to any just about task or requirement in the realm of lifting and hoisting.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter if a job is indoors or out: you can use portable cranes just about anywhere. They can fit through most doorways or other obstacles, are easily moved into a workstation and suitable for use in tight nooks and crannies. The adjustable heights, spans, and treads offered on Portable Gantry Cranes make for one nifty,’ one-size-fits-all’ piece of equipment.

Power drive kits

Power drive kits up the ante on your power cranes for that additional oomph, for any time you might need it.

These come in a range of assembly modes:

  • V-Track Drives feature two motors that drive steel V-groove wheels along a fixed path.
  • Guide Angle Drives are ideal for installations along a wall – this power drive kit uses two motors that drive polyurethane wheels on one side via a guide angle. This kit features guide rollers on a one drive system and one idler assembly with polyurethane bumpers.
  • Trackless Drives (also known as Aligning Drives or Truly Trackless Drives) are perfect for keeping a shop floor clear of any obstructions in the way of tracks or angle guides. A selector switch on the control pendant can select each motor for use, switching power on and off and guiding the gantry along efficiently.


When purchasing a Portable Gantry Crane direct from manufacturers you are always entitled to a warranty for functional and safety purposes. However, you should always look into the seller’s past reputation and any available testimonials or reviews for a reinforced sense of peace-of-mind. Both in terms of buying new and hiring equipment, you should always seek proof that the crane has been installed correctly and has been tested thoroughly prior to use. This will always involve maintenance and servicing as ‘part and parcel’ of using portable cranes for your business.

Managing risks

Using plant equipment in a workplace always comes with its share of risks and safety concerns to be managed with due care and diligence. This can sometimes be heightened due to the heavy-duty nature and specifics of machinery. Everyone working on site has a duty enshrined and enforced by law to use a crane according to health and safety guidelines.

Choosing a Portable Gantry Crane is about selecting the right equipment for your industrial, commercial and human resource requirements. You should work out how often and to what capacity you will need this equipment. This should take into account a strategic analysis of supplier pros and cons and a general analysis of why this particular type of crane is most suited to your workplace.

In managing risks you should consider:

  • The up-to-date quality and standard of all operational and safety features
  • The maximum load the crane will be likely to withstand
  • The existence and condition of safe access points like footholds, steps, ladders and grab rails
  • Comfort, support and environmental and ergonomic design
  • Visibility incorporating mirror, windscreen and window design and transparency

IMPORTANT NOTE: You should always this Guide for Cranes when operating or intending to operate a crane.


Seeking out the right Portable Gantry Crane for your business (as a part of the material handling industry) is about individual needs, human resource management and meeting wider guidelines that affect the entire sector. In making ethical choices it is always a good idea to source or hire portable cranes that are designed and built locally in accordance with Australian Standards. That not only assist your business with easy access to quality equipment, but also significantly improves your relationship with your clients and suppliers alike. This gives you the ultimate advantage – both on a financial and reputational standpoint.