The modern world revolves around the use of plastics and plastic-related composites. Indeed, our lives would be inconceivable without this material. Plastic is associated with a number of chemical and structural benefits; allowing it to be perfectly applicable within the water treatment industry. Why is this material so universal and what advantages can it offer the end user? The answers to these questions may very well surprise you.

An Unparalleled Sense of Flexibility

While Stainless Steel it is much more difficult to design bespoke components due to their rigid nature, this may slightly limit their applications and let us not forget that associated costs will increase. Plastic water filter nozzles can be fashioned into nearly any configuration imaginable; enabling these units to adapt to multiple environments. This is the very same reason why Ilmap provides a wide range of nozzles to choose from.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Many professionals will choose a plastic water nozzle due to the fact that it is easy to install. Not only are these junctions lightweight, but modifications such as cutting and grinding can be carried out in a matter of minutes with only a minimal amount of effort. This also allows for extremely precise fittings; reducing the chances of a subsequent leak occurring. It should also be an obvious fact that plastic will not suffer from issues such as oxidation and corrosion. This is a very real concern when a nozzle is meant to be used within a commercial or industrial environment. This sense of longevity directly equates to fewer maintenance needs and a higher return on investment.

Environmental Advantages

There are many instances when plastic water filtration nozzles will be used in bulk configurations. As plastic is a lightweight material, energy costs (alongside greenhouse gas emissions) can be substantially reduced. The processes involved with recycling plastics are also extremely efficient and thanks to modern technology, they can be reused within a variety of other industries.

A Kaleidoscope of Applications

Plastic water nozzles can be effectively utilised within a variety of industries. Some common examples will include:

  • The generation of electrical power.
  • The production of pharmaceutical and chemical materials.
  • The petrochemical sector.
  • Food and beverage.
  • Public and private swimming pools.
  • The reliable filtration of drinking water.

Of course, these are only a handful of the uses which can be addressed by employing high-quality plastic filter assemblies. When it comes to versatility and reliability, few materials on the market will offer more benefits than plastic.

This is the very same reason why Ilmap is pleased to be able to provide a wide range of Filter Nozzles. Each of these is suited for discrete applications, so it is wise to browse through this selection in greater detail.