There are few things that make us quite as excited as a top quality view of the sky. Even better if that view can take place while still indoors!

For this, we give you the Velux skylight: The industry leaders when it comes to sky viewing from the comfort of your own home or office.

Skylights have gained much popularity in recent years largely due to their light giving abilities. Many older homes were not designed with providing the best light in mind, so installation of skylights is a welcome advancement.

In the same breath, building new homes requires architects to keep up with the latest and greatest devices to make the space as interesting as possible. This is where skylights come in.

We’ve put together a guide of all you need to know about the industry leaders in the market. Is this what your home needs?

What is Velux?

When it comes to quality and performance of skylights, Velux is almost unmatched. Their range of skylight products seem to outperform and outlive many of the other brands on the market. For this reason they’re definitely worth a closer look.

The Velux range includes the following skylight types:

  • Electronically operated top-hung skylights
  • Manually operated top-hung skylights
  • Center pivot roof windows
  • Fixed non-opening skylights
  • Flat roofed skylights

Velux is a market leader for good reason. The products come with quality and performance guaranteed. There’s positive feedback surrounding many of their products installed over 40 years ago, that are still functioning today. Now that’s impressive!

Velux skylights also come with a standard warranty period for all customers. This further guarantees a long lifespan, giving customers peace of mind.

But what is it about skylights?

Benefits of Skylights

At first, the thought of installing a skylight may sound like an absolute mission; One that requires alterations to your house that you’re not mentally prepared to face just yet.

Thankfully, the nature of the industry is so advanced these days most installers can get the job done in just a matter of hours. A few hours in exchange for 40 years of skylight benefits? Sounds like a great deal to us!

And here’s what you’ll gain if you sacrifice a little time.

First and foremost, skylights create the illusion of space. In a home or business where one feels particularly cramped, a skylight can be a welcome addition.

Skylights are also excellent conductors of energy saving technology. Your electricity bill will reap the biggest rewards as your need for lights during the day is significantly reduced.

In the summer time, Velux skylights Melbourne residents installed allow ample sun rays for adding light into indoor spaces. They can also be left slightly ajar for additional ventilation during the really hot months. This helps you save on electrical fans and air conditioning.

During the winter it’s the opposite. Your Velux skylight allows the sun rays to provide heat to your home. No need for expensive heaters that consume electricity. When closed, the cold is kept outside.

A lesser known benefit is that skylights automatically make a space a lot more alluring. Since they’re relatively unusual devices, having one in a space adds an element of surprise and whimsey. And think of when interesting things are happening in the sky and you’re able to view them without leaving the house.

Bonus feature: All of this adds value to the resell price of your home.

Location—Where to Put Yours

The location of skylight installation is important to take into consideration before getting one. Some points to consider include:

  • The amount of light available in the chosen spot
  • The angle of the roof or wall through which the skylight will be inserted
  • There’s little point in installing a skylight in a location where the sun generally doesn’t reach.

Proper Installation

While Velux skylights are not industry regulated devices, it’s still incredibly important to keep proper installation techniques in mind when looking to invest in one of these.

The nature of the installation job requires large portions of walls and ceilings to be cut away to make room for the skylight. For this reason, it’s usually better to save the DIY for later and bring in the professionals.

A trained Velux skylight installer will be able to advise you on the best placement for the unit. They will also be able to conduct the job safely, and neatly, which is hugely beneficial to your home or office.

Use it Wisely

Once installed there are a few upkeep tips to keep in mind to make sure your skylight lasts long and gives you the best service:

  • Never let children operate the skylight mechanisms
  • Ensure that you have clearance to install said skylight in your desired location
  • Be aware of weather patterns so you can use your skylight to regulate temperature
  • When maintenance is required, call in the professionals who took care of the job in the first place

Things Are Looking Up

Installing Velux skylights is a simple way to take your home from good to great. Any space fitted with one of these devices is immediately ten times more interesting than before.

You love seeing the sky even when cooped up indoors for whatever the reason. There’s something very freeing and very calming about it, so why not do it more?

Things are already looking up! Invest in one today!

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