Time out in the sun for us is just another reason to flaunt beauties of fashion apparels designed especially for summer time with comfort and style at its best, different appeals, different shades and different settings are all been taken care of with simple and classic stance of fashion. The sneakers trend of summer with white classics or the new classic of dad sneakers being in limelight uphold the classic never-old-to-flaunt trends, whereas the newest arrivals under the summer shoes category being dad sandals before known as comfort sandals, are more of to be considered the bold options to style with the chic summer outfits. Statement making dressing is a prevalent scheme for summer styles, with comfort and nerdy being aesthetically blended with chic and style for shoes for  women and men with styles they can enjoy for a long-long period of time! Here are some styles for men and women to style for different settings for the summer season!

Casual styles

Shoes You Want

Men and women for both the casual style for summer include sneakers, trainers, slip-on shoes, sandals and ankle boots(the bold choices) which they could exquisitely pair with their summer cool outfits and flaunt their style acumen for the entire summer time! The chic women wear for summers being the cute summer dresses of maxi dresses or the muumuu dresses (new trends) paired with white pair of sneakers or strappy sandals heeled or flat in the beige shades looks graceful and are comfort kings. Moreover if the summer options of dungarees, shorts or denims are the wardrobe choices for you, the best options to style them with thong sandals with minimal fashion or the slip-on shoe category of loafers are elegant choices to style with. The bold choices of dad sneakers or dad sandals is completely up to the wearer’s style acumen to flaunt it, but a fashion choice which never could go wrong are the denims to style with any of the bold or the classic choices of summer shoes for women with!

Moving to men collection, the casual wear choices of sneakers, trainers, moccasins, loafers and sandals are the classic choices to pair the summer outfits of denims-tees, corduroys-shirts or trousers-tees/shirts. The sneakers in black, brown and white are to be considered the sleek classics to style any and every outfit with, the sandals in grey and black are too considered to be the best alternatives and fresh choices to style the causal fashion for men with! The loafers and moccasins fashion have been on rise since a few years now, but still considered a fresh choice of fashion apparel the styling options for men are clearly widened and so the summer wardrobes of men in love with trendy fashion must have these bought and flaunted right now!

Formal styles

Formal/business styles for men and women are dynamic yet classic in nature, with ample options to choose from the different appeals and acumen blended together formulates fashion trends for summer formals every year. Formal styles for women holds fashion binge over the chic boss lady-like blazer dresses, double-breasted blazer pant suits, simple pant suits, trousers and shirts and the classic formal dresses in black, these classic attires when paired with different footwear alternatives provides with different appeal and acumen to the outfit and to the wearer herself! The white sneakers being the classic trend setter footwear option for all summer styles are considered to be the hip formal alternatives, when paired with pant suits or shirts-trousers provide with a cool and chic formal wear, whereas the classic stilettos in black are to be considered evergreen fashion statements in the formal fashion world globally, the elegance and power added to the outfit makes the stilettos in black to be the ultimate fashion kings. Strap sandals, to be specific the heeled strap sandals in the formal shades of beige and black are perfect options to style with comfort, the stitching of comfort blended with style and dapper acumen puts together the best alternative for formal fashion for women. The one fashion statement formal shoes being the brogues for women, in the shades of black are perfect to style the bold way for the office!

Men collection for formal styles include loafers, moccasins, dress shoes, brogues and business shoes together form wide-range alternatives for formal fashion for men. The tassel loafers in black and brown are perfect for shirts-trousers classic formalwear, whereas the dress shoes or business shoes lace-ups are perfect for the formal suits. The brogues and moccasins are perfect bold and unique alternatives for styling the formalwear.

Party styles

Party styles for summer season are comfortable, chi, smart and elegant. The different shades of fashion with different acumen blended together builds wide-range of alternatives for men and women to style with comfortable unique styles which matches their own tastes and preferences. The party styles for women for the season, includes wide range of high-heel shoes, like stilettos and sandals, or the sneaker fashion wave with graphics and chicly embellished comfortable fashion or the bold variations of neon and gems embellished mules to be unique with flat wear party shoes. The shades of party for summer for women are wide and never ending with pastels to go with for the formal party dinners, black to be considered the all-rounder shade and neon and brighter shades to go for the rave waves of party this summer for women!

Men styles for party this summer are a mixture of classic smart choices or hip-cool alternatives. The formal party dinners where could be styled perfectly with dress shoes like brogues or business shoes, the hip rave parties or disco nights could be aesthetically dressed with white or black sneakers. The tassel loafers and moccasins could be considered the “grey” area of fashion for parties, which could neither be considered only for formal styling nor could be considered only casual part wear alternatives. The men styles for summer parties are both classic and unique with every man different the demands of appeal are different too and that is exactly why there are numerous options available now for men to style with!

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