The company’s Christmas party is just around the corner and you still haven’t figured out what you are going to wear? Don’t worry, as this decision is easier to make than it first might appear. For once, you are definitely not going to dress formally as you would do for work, so a full-body tux is out of the question, unless stated otherwise by the dress code written on the invitation. What you really need is to dress smart, halfway between business attire and a leisurely style. There are several styles that you can stick to, and here are the 6 topmost ones for the season of 2018.

The casual style

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One way to go is to dress casually. This means putting on a shirt that is covered with a pullover so that the collar remains visible. The best combo in terms of colors is a white shirt with blueish patterns and a navy blue or dark green pullover or a sweater. Because it can get quite chilly in December, a jacket is required. The best option is a knitted stylish jacket of a dark color, such as grey. Coupled with black sunglasses as the accessory and standard black shoes, you will have a complete casual look.

Cocktail attire

If you know that the Christmas party is mostly going to be a relaxed cocktail reception, then you don’t need to dress too formally. A blazer, trousers and a suede belt with a shiny belt buckle should do the trick. As far as the colors are concerned, either black or navy blue will get the job done. Black shoes with a collared shirt should complete your style, along with a neatly placed handkerchief inside the blazer’s top pocket.

Experiment with clothes

Some parties are crazier than others. Many companies stick to the “wear whatever you like” policy. This is seemingly the best option but it can be tricky as too much freedom is not good. Some male colleagues are bound to make the mistake of coming in shorts and a Hawaiian style T-shirt. Don’t be one of these gits and be ready to experiment. The blazer should be the boldest you’ve got in your wardrobe or you can wear a bomber jacket.



Suits and shirts are going to be worn by all men and trust us; they are going to vary only in color and quality. In some cases, your buddies are going to resort to expensive and branded suits, especially for the Christmas party, let us not fool ourselves. For some, this is a very important occasion but you can still steal their thunder by investing in made to measure suits. The things that will truly set you apart from the pack are the accessories. The tie, laces, watches, glasses; these are all items which could make or break your style. That is why jewelry and socks which are trivial in itself, could be that one detail that will make your attire be noticeable (by female co-workers perhaps).

The somber turtleneck

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So far we only discussed shirts that have a collar in the neck area. If you’re tired of such shirts, then the ideal substitute would be turtlenecks. They are both casual and formal if worn with the right jacket and pants. Always go for dark colors, such as suede, navy blue or zift black. You can choose the type and the color of the shoes; just don’t wear sneakers or something like that. And yeah, do not tuck in the turtleneck under any circumstance; that would ruin the entire look!

Are jeans OK?

You are not the first man to wonder whether a simple pair of jeans would do the trick. The answer to this dilemma is surprisingly affirmative. Jeans can be paired up with other pieces of clothing to constitute suitable attire for any Christmas party. This season lighter shades are popular so avoid wearing dark colors. Light jeans paired up with a trendy pullover and encompassed with a leather jacket is a perfect mix. You can even throw in a collared shirt with rectangular patterns into the combination. As far as the footwear is concerned, it is shoes again. Actually, no Xmas party combo includes sneakers, mind this!

As you have seen, this season is all about the blend between the formal and the casual style. In fact, the man who creates the perfect mixture between the two is likely to be the best-dressed guest at the Christmas party this December. Choose one of the 6 outfits listed here and who knows, that smart looking guy might just be you.

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