We’ve discussed the significance of SEO before in succeeding with a business marketing campaign.

In the past, we’ve provided you with simple solutions to save you trouble online and tips for the holidays. You might think you have more than enough information.

You’d be wrong. If you take away one message from this article, it needs to be this. SEO is in a constant state of flux, forever changing.

This is at least in part due to the Google algorithm which is regularly updated to serve the search engine’s ultimate goal. Providing killer quality content and sites to their users.

Today, we will look at how SEO has changed and will continue to alter heading in 2019. Using this guide, you can be prepared for the most important changes and deliver the ultimate service for your clients.

First, let’s look at the new way customers interact with search engines online.

Finding Their Voice

Voice searches have become more important in recent years. Think about a search engine like a map of roads. Voice searches are like a satellite navigation system to get you where users want faster with fewer delays.

Users certainly seem to see the appeal of this possibility. By 2019, close to 90 million voice first devices will be on the market as supply rises to meet demand.

SEO must reflect this change regarding how people are interacting with search engines. For instance, full questions are used more than keyphrases. As such, your schema layout should reflect and compensate for users who are asking complete questions. This should be part of your overall website design and built into any optimization solution.

Learning Anew With Links

You need to make sure that you are thinking about links a little differently in 2019. Links are the analogue clock. It’s time to move into the digital age.

This means focusing more on entities rather than links specifically. Entities are a way of connecting content to what your business is and what it should be. It’s a way of building a business up as an authoritative source on a topic.

This is remarkably similar to link building, but you also need to link the content subject to the author and indeed the business brand. Doing this will ultimately position the site as a key resource in the eyes of both users and Google itself. Tricks include:

  • Linking from sites that are relevant
  • Connecting the content to other influencers and relevant authors
  • Using relevant mentions

Linking will also be crucial for local SEO in 2019 as well. Tools are available to check your site’s link profile such as BrightLocal and Whitespark. By using the tools, you can look and see if a site does have any local citations or whether you need to focus on building more.

When you check your link profiles, make sure you also take a glimpse at your competitors. Knowing your rival can help you take advantage of their mistakes and replicate their successes.

This can also help you explore what local sites your competitors might be leaning on.

Get Ready For SERPs Changes

You must make sure that you are ready for differences to the SERPs and what that will mean for your business. Changes to the SERPs can often but not always be used to your advantage. It’s difficult to predict what changes to the SERPs are going to look like in 2019.

However, it is important to question what they could be and keep a check out for any differences. If you do notice a change, look for patterns and trends. Try to get ahead of where it’s going next, so you can prepare and plan.

Eventually, you’ll get a clear picture of what direction the SERPs are heading in but be aware that can differ from industry to industry.

Kill Keyword Stuffing

This is relevant to both local and general SEO. It’s time to forget about keywords. Well, not really, but you do need to realize that they are no longer the top priority.

If keywords are stopping your content from sounding natural, they shouldn’t be there at all. High-quality content that focuses on user needs will be far more crucial than making sure that every keyword targeted is present in a single piece of content.

Don’t Delay

It’s time to start preparing for the changes that 2019 will bring now, not tomorrow. Your competitors have already begun their research so don’t full behind.

Focus on entity strategy, adjust your local SEO link profile and make sure that you are watching the SERPs closely.


Theresa Le Roux

My name is Theresa Le Roux, I am originally from Montreal, Canada but I have spent the last 5 years in beautiful New Zealand. I write SEO/Digital marketing/SMM articles for businesses that want a different perspective on subjects that are important to their content output. This can also help grow rankings in the process so it’s a win-win!

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