The real estate sector is one of the most traditional markets we have, but it has also been going through a great digitalization process. Among several other technologies, Virtual (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are entering this market and bringing new features that were unthinkable a decade or so ago.

The possible applications of these technologies in the real estate market are immense, but Omniscape has approached it in a completely different way: negotiate properties that are only available in the platform’s virtual world and that people can not only negotiate and purchase real world properties, like Times Square, but also rent them for brands to advertise on.

With Omniscape, brands have the opportunity to take advantage of the capabilities VR/AR tech provides, to engage and retain their customers in a way that is different and fun for everyone involved, while also being clearly innovative. By renting virtual properties inside the platform, they can advertise their brand or products, while also providing users with rewards to be used in the real world.

Companies can also access detailed statists about their campaigns, thus obtaining important insight to steer future actions inside the platform.

Omniscape’s potential was perfectly demonstrated in the beginning of June, with a user-facing action help in the Miami region. Inside the platform, users could access several interesting rewards.

Robert Rice is the CEO and founder of Transmira, the company behind Omniscape, and has a clear vision regarding the capabilities of this platform:

“We basically blend augmented reality and virtual reality together, with a focus on location to basically help businesses and brands connect with each other and provide really cool, amazing experiences for consumers that they can obviously have fun with, but they are also monetized. So, the idea is to basically help, again, businesses and brands drive traffic to stores and give consumers fun and interesting experiences.”

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