Studies prove that contact with art is a great ally for creative stimulation, serenity and global vision for decision making. Within the corporate universe, especially in companies that have innovation as their greatest challenge, encouraging employees to experience art brings countless benefits.

Some companies seek to have in their offices an atmosphere that often resembles that of a museum. Through the corridors of their headquarters, employees may occasionally come across works by renowned artists, or simply pieces of art by some random artist which, while less valuable when looking at their price tag, hold the same potential for inspiration.

Building a work environment where employees live with an artistic atmosphere is a project that some companies take very seriously, and this way of experiencing art provides employees not only well-being on a daily basis, but also benefits their own performance.

Quite often, companies can identify in their employees the evolution of the critical sense and the improvement in decision making. After all, people who allow themselves to think more comprehensively are able to come up with creative solutions to various problems. This creative vision offers a more conducive environment for innovations and solutions that sometimes even exceed expectations.

In addition to this daily contact with works of art, companies can (and should) also develop projects to stimulate the production of art among its collaborators. A good example is to, whenever there is a plan to paint some kind of wall or mural, companies should invite the whole team to participate in the project – even if an actual artist is hired to oversee and manage the endeavor.

This subject is definitely not new to the African American Arts & Culture Complex (AAACC). This arts and cultural organization based in San Francisco, California, does a lot of work to nurture the local Afro-centric artistic and cultural expression, and also to improve the relationship people have with art.

The words of Melorra Green, one of AAACC’s executive directors, strengthen this idea that business and arts go well together:

“Art belongs to everybody, so the more exposed people are to it, the better. When it comes to a business environment, I can only imagine that people feel more inspired to do their jobs the best way they can, and also to bring out all their innovation.”