Stress is an inevitable component of everyday life. Differing from person to person, stress occurs when the body is unable to deal with a specific situation properly. During stress, the body releases cortisol known as the stress hormone; this adversely affects the endocrine, nervous, and cardiovascular systems leading to a plethora of diseases.

Now, stress can be caused as a result of various conditions, however in the 21st century what tops the list is workplace stress.

The statistics

  1. Research conducted by Office of National Statistics claim that 1241000 cases were registered globally indicating depression and anxiety in workplace. This was caused due to the inability of handling stress at work.
  2. Approximately 11.3 million working days are lost each year due to employees dealing with anxiety.
  3. Numerous short term leaves (4 weeks approx.) applied as a result of musculoskeletal disorders along with stress. This is especially common among individuals who work for long hours on a desk job.

Moving on, what is the cause of workplace stress?

Work place stress results from various reasons like –

  1. Inability to perform to one’s optimal best
  2. Competition and negative workplace ambience. For example – bullying
  3. Long working hours on a monotonous desk job.
  4. Unable to meet deadlines.
  5. Unsatisfactory salary slips.

So catering to the above factors, workers today develop numerous mental ailments along with physical problems which lead to declined productivity. Hence, to offer a stable solution to the problem, many doctors suggest investing in physiotherapy.

How does physiotherapy help in alleviating stress?

Physiotherapy is the key to handling stress at work. A physiotherapy session involves using specific procedures to correct fire warden training melbourne muscular imbalances along with improving posture. Further, the session also provides a set of exercises which helps to combat obesity; work related obesity is another factor contributing to stress and musculoskeletal disorders.

What role does the physiotherapist play to combat work related stress?

Investing in a physiotherapy session is beneficial for those undergoing a stress at work.

A reputed physiotherapist uses vocational rehabilitation to deal with difficult clients who are unable to communicate properly due to high stress. He/she finds out the exact root of problem and along with a psychologist helps the patient to understand the value of work.

Further, after noting and finding out the root cause, the physiotherapist then starts his session to help reduce stress levels. Using physiotherapy gold coast certain relaxation and massage techniques he/she helps the patient to unwind and lower cortisol levels.

This procedure includes a set of breathing exercises or hand gestures etc. Apart from this, he involves in a set of workouts, posture training along with massages to ease out tension levels.

This allows the patient to improve sleep and reduce his/her sensitivity to stressful events. Further, with a series of assessment, tests and counseling the physiotherapist empathizes yet motivates and guides a patient to on how working is highly beneficial to succeed in life.

Thus, by improving health and overall image of workplace in the employee’s mind, physiography helps to develop a motivated individual who is conditioned to handling stress at work like a pro.



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