Adopting a dog can bring positivity in your life! Yes, you read it right! A dog can change your life in multiple ways and you can easily notice this once you adopt or get a pooch home..

Amidst all the pain and sorrow in the world, there are only a few things that can bring happiness and a positive change in our lives, and having a dog is definitely one of them. Considered as man’s best friend since always, dogs are the most loyal animals and their love for their owners knows no bounds.

Having said that, owning a dog is also a great deal of responsibility as your loyal four legged friend needs proper care and attention too. From their grooming to their diet, you have to take care of everything. You have to treat your pet as a family member, and in return, you’ll get unconditional love from it with other positive impacts on your life.

In this article, we will take you through some points that will help you understand how living with a dog can bring positivity in your life.

Let’s get started:

Improves Your Mood

Recent studies have shown that spending time with a dog can improve your mood instantly. They are said to be natural mood enhancers. If you spend 15-30 minutes with your dog, they can help you feel more relaxed and happy. Also, spending time with them can reduce your stress and will help you to maintain a positive and optimistic look.

Playing with pets can increase the   level of serotonin and dopamine in your brain, which are directly associated with happiness and tranquillity. So, whenever you’re feeling depressed, spend some time with your pup and it will make you feel better and help you in getting over sad emotions.

Keeps You Healthy

You might be aware of the fact that just like humans dogs need regular exercise for 30-60 minutes a day to stay fit and healthy. As a dog owner, you have to take your pup for exercise and this isn’t just good for them, but for you as well.

A recent study has proved that taking a 30-minute walk  everyday can reduce the risk of many diseases, such as diabetes, depression, high blood pressure and even cancer. So, you should never underestimate the health benefits of a 30-minute walk. And, if you’re not very motivated to go for a walk daily, then you can just do it while taking your dog outside.


Introduces You To New Friends

You might be wondering how dogs can introduce you to new friends. Well, there is a simple logic behind it. If you own a dog, then you have a friend who can help you find a whole new social circle. For example, if you are going for a walk around the block with your dog, it is more likely that you’ll find other dog owners smiling or nodding at you. Most of the people who own dogs  prefer  discussing about dog breeds, their behaviours and other topics related to them once  they see someone else with a dog.

Don’t forget that dog owners always look for people who can help them with good vets or figuring out the best spots for grooming their four-legged friend.. Also, who knows you may even be able to find yourself a best friend or a date when you’re going for a walk with your dog.

Reminds You of Your Responsibilities And Generates Empathy

When you love or care for a pet, it forces you to understand the needs of another living being. There are multiple research studies that show how owning a dog can boost empathy and compassion towards others, especially in children. We all know that dogs can’t talk, so you have to understand from their non-verbal cues about what they are trying to say or what they need.


This is more beneficial for kids, as they are growing.  So, developing empathetic skills and learning how they can communicate with pets is definitely something that they should know about. Also, caring for your dog is a great way to teach your children about responsibilities towards others.

Reduces Development Of Negative Thoughts

People often think about their friends and family when they are going through a difficult phase  so that they can talk it out and find a way to get over it. Doing so helps in reducing negativity around them. Thinking about a pet can also do the same for you.

A recent study involving 97 pet owners showed that people who were dealing with a negative social experience were asked to write about their best friend, their pet or something more valuable to them.

The results proved that people who wrote about their best friend and pet showed zero negativity in their article, whereas people who wrote about other stuff showed a bit of negativity due to their bad social experience.

Strengthens Your Immune System

Immune system is an important part of our physical health and we all want for it to stay strong at all time. Scientists believe that having a dog and living with it can encourage a continuous growth of positive micro-organisms. Some scientists are even conducting research to prove how dog kisses help in improving our immune system.

Makes You Feel Happy

It’s a known fact that dogs help in boosting self-esteem, but they can also make you feel happier when you’re around them. Dogs are the most loyal animals and will always be there for you whenever you in need. They never judge you and   having them around certainly does its bit to keep you happy.


People who share a long and healthy relationship with their dogs often have a higher level of mood-boosting oxytocin in their brain. For instance, if you’re feeling sad or lonely, just go to your pet and play with it and soon you’ll start smiling after spending some time with it.

Adopting a dog is a huge responsibility, as you have to dedicate time and efforts in caring for it. But, having a dog will completely change your life and most dog owners already know it. Hope that the points mentioned above help you realise how a dog can bring a positive change in your life.

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