There are many reasons why someone might need the services of a long-term disability lawyer in Toronto. If you feel you have been denied what you are perfectly entitled to, a disability lawyer can help you source the justice that you need.

Why would I need an LTD lawyer in Toronto?

You may require the support of a long-term disability lawyer in Toronto if your insurer has turned down an application that you feel you are entitled to. The laws around LTD benefits can seem very complex, so it’s important to get specialist legal help if you need it.

LTD benefits and tax

LTD benefits used to be taxed when annual income tax returns were filed. However, they are now taxed at the same time as the payments are made. LTD Wage Loss Replacement Plans (WLRPs) can be taxed when employers are making contributions. If an LTD plan is regarded as an income-replacement benefit because someone is unable to work after a motoring accident, the payment shouldn’t be taxed. Income replacement benefits come as part of Statutory Accident Benefits. If you’re an employee and making the full premium payments for your LTD plan yourself, you shouldn’t be taxed as you’ll be using money you have already been taxed on. However, this means you can’t cut your income tax to reflect premiums that you have paid for your disability insurance.

Why can LTD tax be confusing?

This area can seem complex because whether you pay tax or not depends on who is paying the premiums. It’s common for companies to offer LTD as part of the packages that they provide to their employees. Your LTD benefit will only be non-taxable if you’re paying all of the premiums yourself. Self-employed people are urged to purchase their own LTD insurance to make sure they’ve covered if they do need access to financial support in the future.

Choose the right LTD lawyer in Toronto

If you do need legal help, it’s essential to seek out a lawyer who has substantial experience in this area. Many people look for help because their claims have been denied, stopped or are under investigation by their insurance company. Insurance companies can use various strategies to block claims and are unlikely to provide you with all the information you need to make a successful claim. If your insurance company has made a decision that you feel is unfair, it’s wise to speak to a lawyer as soon as you possibly can. In many cases, claimants can achieve a positive outcome without sueing ther insurers. Their lawyers can send out demand letters that feature the facts, important information about the law and an instruction to adhere to contractual terms.


Many people have missed out on the help that they need because they didn’t have a sufficient understanding of the law. Some insurers are less scrupulous than others and will take advantage if they think you don’t know your legal rights. A long-term disability lawyer in Toronto can help you get the outcome that you deserve.

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