Choosing the right carpet for a room is not an easy task. The right carpet can turn a regular room into a gorgeous, classy one, while the wrong carpet can have a disastrous effect. With no end to the styles, colours and patterns out there, it is easy to be lost for choice. This guide provides three simple tips for enhancing your home’s look and character.

Make the Carpet the Centrepiece

It is often easy to just go for a drab, neutral carpet so that you can use furnishings and ornaments to bring the room to life. However, using a carpet as the centrepiece of a room can often have stunning results. Try looking for bold colours and attention-seizing patterns to stand out in the room and give it a vibrant feel. For a classy yet fun look, consider leopard prints or chevrons. Another great way to get a really unique room is to use carpet tiles to create your own patterned design. This is especially good if you have furnishings you have already chosen and are struggling to find a carpet to match, or if the room is used frequently, for example, a child’s room. With a patterned design, you can replace individual tiles quite easily, if they get ripped or stained.

Consider Using Layering

Even if you have wall-to-wall carpeting, you can still place rugs in the room. An area rug layered on a carpet can often boost the room with added colour and style. Rugs can also protect your fresh carpet on areas which get a lot of traffic, as well as reduce the amount of wear and tear that builds up. When layering an area rug in a room with furniture, size is very important; the rug shouldn’t look like another wall-to-wall carpet, however the front feet of furnishings should extend onto the rug. Another benefit of layering is it allows you to add some texture to a room and create depth. For maximum results, try layering a sheepskin or hide rug on a short fibre carpet, focussing on one colour or tone.

Try a Minimalist Look

An alternative to using bold, contrasting colours to boost your décor, is to consider having just one or two colours for a minimalist feel. Maybe buy white carpets with matching curtains and furniture with a few colourful objects for a clean and relaxed vibe. Another option could be a white carpet with black furniture for a sleek, modern feel. Your carpet doesn’t have to be a huge part of the décor, however, for example if you have colourful furniture, like a dazzling chandelier or shelves with decorative items, a more neutral carpet can help to push attention to these items, rather than draw it away.

The right carpet can effortlessly transform any room. Securing the carpet suited to your home is one thing, but ensuring that it also gets the proper maintenance is another. To enjoy the range of practical benefits a carpet offers, such as reducing noise, protecting the floor and making your home more welcoming, remember to schedule regular maintenance with a reputable carpet cleaning company.

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