The most valuable thing you’ll ever own is your home. And the most important people you’ll ever know live under its roof.

Of course, you have to do everything possible to keep your loved ones and assets safe. And the best way to do so is by investing in a comprehensive home security system. Much more than just a burglar alarm, modern home security systems are capable of providing an array of useful services. Let’s take a look at seven ways a home security system could benefit your family.

It Protects Your Family from Invaders

Burglars often attempt to rob a home without realising the occupants are still inside. And should a robber stumble upon a householder by surprise, the stressful situation could prompt them to act out violently, especially if they’re under the influence of illicit drugs. And then there’s the worst-case scenario: a criminal attempts to gain access knowing full well the occupants are still inside. As you might imagine, intentions are more malicious in these situations.

A home security system will alert the homeowner and the police to a break and enter scenario, giving everyone more time to escape while the authorities arrive.

It Protects Your Assets from Burglars

Studies have shown that 60% of burglars won’t rob a home if they’ve spotted a home security system. Logically, the majority would prefer to move on to an easier target instead. Therefore, the mere presence of a home security system will significantly reduce the threat of burglary, potentially saving you thousands in lost assets.

The video recorded on a home security system also provides police with vital evidence in their case. Not only will this help bring the offender to justice, but it’ll increase the likelihood of recovering your property as well.

It Can Aid Your Family In The Event Of a Fire

A modern home security system can be integrated with your smoke alarm and heat sensor, providing you and the fire department with the earliest possible warning in the event of a fire. And considering a small flame can become a full-blown house fire in a matter of minutes, those extra precious seconds could make the difference between life and death.

If your system has live monitoring, the security team will call the fire department the moment they confirm a fire. If not, your home will likely burn for a significant amount of time before anyone alerts the authorities, which could be long enough to severely damage or destroy it.

It Can Detect and Alert against Carbon Monoxide

Odourless Carbon Monoxide gas can slowly seep out of leaks in a heating unit or stove within your home. The scary part about CO2 is that it’s completely undetectable by human sensors. Should you have a leak, you and your family could pass away silently in the night.

Including a Carbon Monoxide detector as part of your home security system will automatically alert authorities should dangerous levels of CO2 build up in your house. That way, an emergency response team can dispatch immediately to deal with the situation.

You Can Lower Your Insurance Premiums

As you know, a sensible homeowner will take out a home and contents policy to protect their abode. But did you know that you can get a significant discount by installing a home security system?

Because home security systems are so effective at protecting your home, insurance providers are happy to offer a discount as they consider your house to be less at risk.

You Can Monitor Your House Remotely

Ever stressed out about whether or not you left the stove on?

Well, you can quash that conundrum in its tracks by checking on your kitchen remotely through a home security system. A user-friendly app on your smartphone allows you to instantly view any camera in your home, from anywhere in the world. The function is great for things like checking up on the kids as well.

You’ll Save Electricity

As electricity prices continue to skyrocket in Australia, it’s now as important as ever to find ways to minimise your quarterly bill. The latest home security systems allow automation and remote activation for things like heating and lighting.

Automation allows you to pre-program when you want your lights and heating/cooling on, thus saving you electricity and the hassle of manual operation. Remote activation allows you to turn things off through the touch of a button on your mobile phone, subsequently saving electricity.

As you can see, the modern home security system has so much more functionality than your simple burglar alarm. To protect your home from harm and save money at the same time, get in touch with your local home security system professionals to discuss the ideal solution for you.

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