Selling your house can be one of the hardest decisions to make. Getting ready to sell a house requires a lot of time and patience. If you want to sell your house in the big market with the help of an agent, you need the right knowledge. If you do it right, you can sell your house fast without any hassle within a few days.

It’s important to remember that whenever you are going to be expecting potential buyers to your house, it needs to look perfect with nice landscape and fresh looking deck. It definitely needs to be extremely welcoming and pleasant for your buyer-guests.And for this reason we have collected some simple and helpful pieces of information that help to make your house more welcoming and attractive for the buyers.

Let’s take care of the exterior

Exterior equals the first impression. Your house needs to look fresh and beautiful from the outside in order for the buyers to be attractive. Would you buy an old, unpleasant and not interesting house? No! Just like everyone.

Having a beautiful house increases its price. You may spend very little on your exterior, but that will dramatically increase the price of your property. Firstly, you need to plant flowers, mow the lawn, get rid of debris or clutter. You better get rid or hide your personal, temporary things as well.

The outside areas of your house need to be clean. Take care and clean your walkways, patio, driveway, pool and other visible areas. Some people don’t prioritize this point, but this is what creates the first impression. Notice, that the first impression is not connected with the owner, but is connected with the property – it feels like they are going to pay for the clean house and it’s going to stay like that forever.

Choose a nice doormat – a bright and a funny one, try creative solutions.

Your house needs to look like a piece of beautiful art. This is the reason why we advice to take care about your exterior carefully. Don’t ever miss your backyard – it’s equally important for the buyers.
Bear in mind that your buyers are surely going to ask to see your backyard.

Everyone perfectly understands that they’re going to pay for the entire area and not only for the building. This is the reason you need to make your property look as bright as possible even from the outside.

And what about the interior?

Obviously, buyers are very picky and that’s why you need to satisfy everyone’s basic needs among which are:

  • clean,
  • bright,
  • spacious,
  • non-smelling rooms.

Any kind of disorder from these points will affect on your potential buyer’s final decision.

For example you may get rid of your personal stuff in order not to make your rooms look overloaded. As far as buyers like bright and spacious houses, keep in mind that having a lot of items in the rooms is always bad. Try to empty your house as much as possible. Besides, this is a psychological trick that comes from the visual illusion: an overloaded house looks dirty and not spacious blocking the idea of buying it. Avoid making your house looking like a clutter.

It’s very important to keep your walls and floor super clean. Add flowers, plants, some nice and positive decorations.

While taking care of the kitchen you need to be careful because the first things to leave bad impression are unfinished food, dirty dishes and bad smells. In this small list, smells is the most important point. Being in the kitchen sometimes we don’t notice how bad our kitchen smells. For these reason try to ask from a friend or a neighbour how your kitchen smells. In case it does, remember that you need to keep your windows open for a long time. In any case keeping windows open is good – fresh air is always great.

Above we have talked about the outdoor lighting, but we also need to think about how to improve the light inside the house. Usually, natural light sources (doors, windows) are the best ways to make your house look bright, but this doesn’t mean you don’t need to add more light to your house in case it’s dark. Dark is negative, especially to the buyers’ eyes. Imagine that these people are going to live in that house maybe till the end of their lives and they wouldn’t like to pay for a dark and negative house.

Use all the possible light sources you have: doors, windows, lamps, etc. Do everything to make your house look bright!

What Else?

These were the most important points everyone needs to take into account. Selling a house is not an easy task, however we need to do it properly when we can’t avoid it. These pieces of advice always work and whenever you make the best of your house, people will buy it anyway!

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