Having a garden is a privilege in today’s times. No matter how small your lot is, having a green space available amidst the bustle of the city can give you a small amount of protection from the hovering carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Besides the environmental protection that it provides, it also serves as a sanctuary for you to keep as a reflection of your state of mind.

If you’re looking to improve your personal green space, here are some areas for improvement to consider regarding your garden.

Adding texture

Having a well-tended garden can have a massive effect on your back yard in terms of colour and depth. If you think having a flat flowerbed isn’t to your liking, you can add levels to your plants by having different types from pond lilies to hanging orchids to trellis climbing vines. There’s more to garden plants than just having them sitting idly in a pot or growing in a corner; they work to be accents of colour to your area while taking the least amount of space to maintain as possible.

Besides flowers, you can also look at adding structures to your lawn that can help improve its layers. One option is to add a branching stone or wooden path to guide your guests where to step. Another viable option is installing fencing to keep your fragile plants safe and sectioned off from the walk areas.

Furnishing options

Furnishing is the best part of having a lawn. Compared to dealing with furniture inside your home, you can mix and match your chairs and tables outdoors depending on the season. From heavy metallic pieces for the winter that you can leave outside to light, compact and foldable stools for the summer for picnics. Finding online marketplaces such as Kuldea which offers a wide selection of not just outdoor furniture but also indoor pieces can give you a more comprehensive range of options to choose from for your home.

Places for storage

Now you might be thinking that the previous section would give you a pain in terms of storing your furniture, and that’s what storage sheds are precisely made for. If you’re not that tidy with handling your outdoor tools and equipment, then you might be guilty of using a large tarp to protect them from the environment. Though these can be of average quality and cheap short-term solutions for storage, it would inevitably cost you more in frequently replacing them instead of having a durable and sustainable place for storage.

Open spaces

Your garden doesn’t just need to have a lawn, furniture, or storage; it also needs free spaces. If you’re lucky enough to have a wide terrace, then you might fall into the trap of wanting to make the most out of all the spaces that you have. Don’t rush into using all of your space for a lawn because a garden is meant to have extra areas for picnics and added furniture. Having a barbeque or a picnic outside is precisely why open spaces are needed.

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