So, you’ve decided it’s time to get a new vehicle, and you’ve set your sights on a new Fiat. And with good reason. Fiat’s are known for their compact size and reliability. Whether you are driving around in a city or out in the country, Fiats are versatile and pack power despite their compact size. It’s 2019 and we’re going to take a look at a few new Fiats to help you decide which model best fits you.

Fiat 500

Are you looking to keep it simple but do not want to sacrifice looks? The standard Fiat 500 (Fiat 500 pop) starts at above $16,000.00 USD and there are 10 available to choose from. The Fiat 500 comes with 16-inch polished aluminium wheels and displays its iconic Italian heritage flawlessly. This model can seat four adults, best for driving within the city. It also comes with a rear backup camera and Fiat’s Uconnect infotainment system. One added feature is that the back seats can be folded when not in use, adding additional storage when it is needed. This model (2 doors, well 3 doors if you include the rear) is recommended for those of you who have small children, as they can easily sit comfortably in the back seats. This model is also recommended for people who dwell in a cityscape where parking can be limited but need cargo space for groceries. This model has a 1.4L turbo engine that delivers 135 horsepower. It allows up to 28 city miles and up to 33 highway miles, for those wondering about fuel consumption.

Fiat 500L

Looking at the Fiat 500L, you can tell right away that the word “compact” is bursting at the seams. This four-door model not only seats 5 adults, but it also has the sleek look of a small-size SUV. The base model (Fiat 500L pop) allows consumers to choose from seven coloursaluminiumso has a 1.4L turbo engine that delivers 160 horsepower. This model also comes with a rear backup camera and the Uconnect system with 16-inch aluminium wheels. This model’s fuel consumption allows up to 22 city miles and up to 30 highway miles. This model is recommended for small families who have older children or teens, or for those looking for extra room for both storage and passengers. Its storage space will allow up to 65 cubic feet of space with the back seats folded. With the back seats upright, this model still allows for 22.4 cubic feet of storage space. This model is also great for small groups looking to have a picnic day or an outing at the beach without sacrificing the sleek Italian-inspired look of the Fiat. This model starts at over $20,900 USD.

Fiat 124 Spider

So maybe you’re not looking for a “group-friendly” type of vehicle. What you’re looking for is a sports car with only room for you plus one. Enter the Fiat 124 Spider. This two-seater model has seven available colours to choose from. Its base model, the Fiat 124 Spider Classica, has a 1.4L turbo engine and delivers 160 horsepower. Its sporty look includes a soft top roof to experience the breezy air as you drive. In line with its sporty features, this model comes in a 6-speed manual transmission with a short-throw shifter, but also has an automatic transmission variant. It also has almost 5 cubic feet of cargo space, in case you’re going to be out for the weekend. This model is recommended for the weekender, and for those who may want to invite one other person. It’s sleek, it’s compact, but it is also powerful. Every inch of this model screams “sporty”. The base model starts at over $24,900 USD.

The cars mentioned above come with durability and power. They’re performance driven and provides the best comfort for the people owning it. But, like every other thing, cars too need timely maintenance and servicing. Never miss out on regular oil changes, and when you seek lasting results, always prefer going to an authorised service centre; take for an instance the Automoda Fiat Servicing Centre.

These are only a few models that Fiat offers. We have discussed the top three models that vary in comparison to the other models in terms of size, pricing, and the model that best fits your lifestyle. With any new vehicle, keeping a vehicle maintained properly is paramount in the performance and longevity of a car. Make it a routine to schedule maintenance with an experienced Fiat car repair service.

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