Not many people can own something like a Volkswagen. In case you are lucky enough to own a Volkswagen, you own something so much more than a car and you need to work on the ways to keep it working for a long period of time. If you are careful about maintaining your Volkswagen car, it might work like a brand new one, even after years.

Unlike the other regular cars, Volkswagen requires a little bit more work. There are few important things on which you need to focus on while availing the Volkswagen car service. Read on to find out about those.

1. Get Help from A Wide Service and Network Plan

The Volkswagen Company, unlike some regular ones, is known for its ability to provide wide service and great network system. You can always take advantage of their service whenever the need occurs. You can get the authentic parts whenever you are in need of it as there is more than one regional warehouse to ensure the continuous availability of those parts. In case you have to travel a lot, you can think of availing the express service facilities at some of the key locations.

2. Avail the Service Which Is Completely Environment-Friendly

Volkswagen car service centres ensure adherence to the environmentally conscious network. The service centres are certified to safeguard the environment.

If your car needs to be repaired or repainted, they use the waterborne paints to reduce the harm. While washing the car, they prefer to opt for waterless washing method, in order to save water.

3. Get Specially Trained People to Do the Servicing

Volkswagen is a special car which requires special attention. There are regional training institutes which specialize in training approximately 2000 dealers or workers per year to suit your needs. These institutes offer exclusive training schedules to ensure that we get the best service.

volkswagen servicing

4. Receive Amazing Customer Support

There are some extra customer support benefits which you can receive while availing the Volkswagen car service. Take a look at these:

  • Along with receiving customer support for twenty-four hours a day, you can also have roadside service assistance for twenty four hours a day.
  • A built-in system inside the car reminds you of the scheduled car service process.
  • During the on-going service, you will receive messages step by step to keep you updated.
  • It is not possible always to take the car to the service station or bring it back on your own. In order to relieve you from that burden, the Volkswagen car service offers you pick and drop service as per your convenience.

5. Exclusive Service One Can Receive from Volkswagen

Apart from the regular peace of mind and friendly atmosphere, Volkswagen car service offers you some extra services as well. If you are in a hurry, you can opt for a fast check-in service which only takes four to ten minutes. A detailed discussion with the skilled expert will ensure you complete peace of mind.

The service package focuses on a careful and detailed examination of the front or back lights, brake, number plate, indicators, windows and the windscreen, wiper blades, the interior lighting, warning light, cables or hoses or battery of the engine, oil level, the tyre repair kits and the tool kit. You will also receive 3-year paint warranty and 6 year anti-perforation warranty. You can also get exclusive Volkswagen car service packages on the basis of different models such as the Polo Range, Golf Range, Beetle Range, Jetta Range, Tiguan Range, etc. Volkswagen car service can not only extend its life but can also improve its overall performance.

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