Ah Sydney, Australia.

Home of to the Opera House and world renowned Luna Park.

This water side city boasts some of the highest performing public transport systems in the world. This is necessary when you consider that Sydney is the most popular tourist destination within the whole of Australia.

The best way to get around a new city is obviously up to personal preference. Perhaps you prefer bus rides; or maybe ferries are your thing.

It goes without saying, however, that taxis remain the most reliable form of transportation in any foreign land. In Sydney this is no different.

Navigating the taxi systems of an unfamiliar place can be tricky at first. It helps to familiarize yourself with the customs around public transport of the city in question.

Sydney, Australia

To make things even easier, Ingogo has launched a brand new taxi app that takes care of the hard stuff for you — but we’ll get to that in a minute!

For now let’s take a closer look at Sydney taxi culture.

Sydney Taxis

Located on the lower east side of the Australian continent, Sydney is pretty much the edge of the world.

Urban infrastructure functions relatively seamlessly in this part of the world. Services are clean, efficient and always on time.

Since Sydney is a city where car culture reigns supreme, a taxi Sydney drivers offer you will keep you as a tourist within the hustle and bustle—that’s how you get to know the true spirit of a destination, right? Luckily, using a taxi service in Sydney is safe and relatively simple when compared to other cities of similar stature.

Taxis in Sydney will take you virtually anywhere within reason. The drivers are usually friendly and versatile individuals.

Good news: Since the standard taxi service Sydney provides is metered, there is no risk of being ripped off just for being a foreigner.

How To Hail One

You’ll be able to catch a taxi from a variety of designated taxi ranks around the city. These are commonly located near the bigger tourist attractions as well as at the airport. There are also a variety of commercial companies who will organize taxis on your behalf at a small fee.

Alternatively, you can simply hail a cab from the side of any street.


Prices are naturally dependant on distance traveled and time spent in the vehicle. This means that the price of a specific distance may go up or down depending on what time of day it occurs and how much traffic there is.

There are also different rates for daytime and nighttime.

On average you will pay around $2.20 per kilometer to use a taxi service Sydney residents also use. Wait time will be added per minute as well as a flat rate booking fee.

A taxi Sydney airport arrivals will use, can cost you around $32 give or take. During peak hour traffic this rate will be a lot higher. If you’re catching a taxi from the airport into the city there will also be a $4.50 rank charged by the airport taxi rank.


Availability is usually a non-issue in Sydney. There will rarely be an occasion where you can’t find a taxi within a few minutes.

On Friday and Saturday nights certain taxi ranks stay open significantly later & are provided with security presence throughout the night. This is to keep both the drivers and customers safe.


Tipping taxi drivers in Sydney is entirely optional. It is a welcome gesture if you feel particularly inclined to do so.

Longer distances are more customary to this culture. Short distances are not really necessary.

Ingogo Taxi App

It’s hard not to love the taxi app by Ingogo.

It’s a convenient platform for both tourists and locals alike. It works together with Sydney taxi drivers to efficiently pair drivers with customers as quickly as possible.

The app aims to be 100% transparent about costs. Upon requesting a taxi you will be asked to fill in your intended destination. The app will calculate and display an exact fare amount for you to consider.

Ingogo taxi app

No hidden fees, no tolls, no add-ons afterwards. Just one amount; take it or leave it.

Best bonus: All the drivers that work with Ingogo have passed background checks and are safe to drive all over Australia.

Some of the other benefits that come with using Ingogo:

  • You’ll never need to wait on curb attempting to flag down a ride
  • You’ll be picked up from your exact location
  • This is a safer way to get around after dark
  • Everything is digitized, drivers are not considered strangers
  • Fare is unchanging

The great thing about Ingogo is that tourists are able to access the service the way they would any other SmartPhone app. No need for local airtime or sim cards in order to contact the service provider. It’s right at your fingertips.

The app allows you to book your trip up to 48 hours in advance. This is great for tourists as they can easily plan their day’s activities. There is nothing worse than being stuck somewhere with your jet-lagged family after a long day of sight-seeing.


Whether you’re traveling to Sydney and need a way of getting around, or simply just a ride from the airport; Ingogo has you covered.

Download, install and sign yourself up prior to your trip so that there is no delay in getting you on the road upon arrival.

Sydney is a city best viewed from a taxi. Don’t miss out!


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