Smartphone giant Samsung are gearing up to reveal their new Galaxy s9 and s9+ smartphones in Barcelona on 25th February. Few official details have been released, but we have put together a list of the best predictions, rumours and leaks we can get our hands on.

The all-screen design is back

Samsung pioneered the bezel-free, all screen design with the s8 (a move that was imited by the iPhone X along with several others), and are likely to continue to do so with the s9. The new phones are rumoured to feature large screens with slightly curved corners, metal edges and glass on the front and back.

The s9 plus could have dual-cameras

Last year’s iPhone X featured a pair of cameras that were capable of capturing 3D photos & video, as well detecting depth within an image. It looks like the larger Galaxy s9+ will follow suite, while the basic model will come with an improved single-lens camera.

Stereo sound

They’re a little late to the party (lagging behind both Apple and Google) but the s9 is likely to feature stereo speakers, which will make viewing videos and playing games without headphones more enjoyable. If the s9 keeps the 9mm headphone jack, it may become the only major smartphone to keep the feature.

Better layout on the back

The Galaxy s8 moved the fingerprint scanner from the home button on the front of the handset to an awkward spot next to the camera on the back. Rumour has it that the new models will keep the fingerprint sensor on the back of the handset, but will switch to a more ergonomic vertical arrangement.

Face and iris scanning

Although it was present in the s8 models, the s9s will likely feature improved and less fiddly face and iris scanning technology. There may also be a service designed to rival Apple’s popular animojis.

What features are you expecting to see in the latest Samsung phones? What would you like them to add? Let us know in the comments.

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