How have you been coping with the pandemic?

The pandemic called for new health policies to keep the numbers under control. Many businesses and schools closed their doors and began working from home. During this time, people all over the world took to new coping methods.

Studies show that Netflix shares went up by 60% since the start of the year. Other online streaming services like Amazon Video Prime gained popularity too. However, many would argue the better streaming service.

Do you know the difference between Amazon Prime video VS Netflix? In this article, we show you the best streaming service platform. Read on below to discover what is the best streaming service.

What Is Netflix?

Netflix leads the world in media streaming platforms. In 2007, Netflix was one of the first companies that transitioned to digital streaming. Netflix started in 1997 as a mail-order DVD rental service.

In 2013, Netflix started funding its original programming. You may be familiar with some Netflix Originals. One of the first that debuted was House of Cards and became one of the main content distributors since.

Netflix offers a vast library of movies, series, and documentaries. You can stream these at any time with an internet connection or download them for later.

What Is Amazon Prime Video

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you may have heard of their video streaming service. Prime membership gives you access to Video. Here, you can find plenty of Prime Video titles without paying extra.

You may also buy or rent TV episodes and movies that Prime does not provide. Members can also subscribe to premium channels with Prime Video Channels subscriptions. Getting a Prime membership provides you with a library of shows and movies of every genre.

Here’s a brief introduction to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. What’s the difference? Read on to discover more about Amazon Prime Video VS Netflix.


Netflix offers three levels of service in their pricing model. It starts with Basic, which costs $9 a month. You can move up to Standard ($13 a month) and Premium ($16 a month).

Each one of these gives you access to Netflix’s library of movies, shows, and specials, without ads. The only difference is the video quality and how many devices can stream at the same time.

Prime is a little more straightforward. An Amazon Prime membership ($119 a year) gives you full access to their catalog without ads. You can also get some shopping benefits with your membership.

Prime Video allows you to stream up to three titles at the same time. However, you can only stream on two devices at once.


Netflix’s library consists of thousands of licensed shows, movies, and specials. Aside from these, you can also find original productions.

The most popular ones include The Witcher, The Umbrella Academy, and Stranger Things. You can find some of the most popular Netflix shows here.

Netflix’s library is starting to provide more original content. This is due to franchise installments like Hulu and Disney+. Netflix refreshes its library with new titles almost every month.

Amazon Prime Video provides a bigger library, with over 12 thousand movie titles. However, their library contains older films like Clue and Inception. If you’re looking for a better library of new and original content, choose Netflix.

Device Support

A good streaming membership must have incredible device support. Amazon Prime Video supports various platforms and devices. This includes web browsers, Roke, Apple TV, and Fire devices.

You can also use Amazon Video Prime on iOS, Android, Xbox, and Nintendo Wii. However, Netflix has more impressive device support. In addition to the devices above, Netflix supports the Nintendo 2DS and Windows Phone.

User Experience

Amazon’s user interface can be a bit messy to some users. Depending on your device, Prime Video can vary in style and usability. Many users complain that it’s difficult to find something decent to stream.

Netflix provides one of the most consistent user interfaces. Users will notice only minimal design changes across different devices. Netflix optimized its platform for mobile users like iOS and Android.

Netflix also provides users with multiple user profiles. Each profile has recommendations based on their recent streams. You will also find a profile for kids to keep things PG.

Live TV and Other Features

Netflix is one of the top-rated streaming services because you get access to everything. One month allows you to find any content you want.

Amazon Prime provides two types of premium content. This is not included in your annual membership on Prime. You can find a section dedicated to renting and buying classic and new movies.

You can also get Amazon Channels, which gives you access to third-party cable networks. This includes Epix, HBO, CBS All Access, and Starz. Prices may vary depending on how you want to watch these channels.

Amazon Prime can provide you with free content. Every account gives you live coverage of the NFL’s Thursday Night Football. If you like having extra features, you might enjoy an Amazon Prime Subscription.


In general, Amazon Prime Video provides good video quality. This service does not charge you more for better quality. Wherever allows, Prime Video offers soundtracks in Dolby 5.1 Surround.

Many users noticed that Prime Video’s video quality can vary. Even if you have a fast connection, expect some changes in your experience. Netflix is the best at providing quality video and audio experience.

Netflix adjusts the level of video compression to match your connection speed. You can enjoy clear pictures and quality sounds wherever you are. You can get more if you have the Premium Plan.

Like with Amazon Prime, Netflix provides 5.1 Dolby surround for most of their content. They may also offer a high level if your gear can support it.

Choose Between Amazon Prime Video VS Netflix Now

Now you know the difference between Amazon Prime Video VS Netflix. Netflix is the better option if you want new and original content. However, if you enjoy additional features, try subscribing to Amazon Prime.

Thank you for reading our article! Looking for more ways to upgrade your home entertainment? Check out our other movie guides and series recommendations.

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