The industry of music consists of at least three forms of art. Dancing, singing, and fashion. Besides, some of the greatest and remarkable musicians and entertainers are the ones whose music entered into our minds, but also whose outfits we wanted in our wardrobes.

These music style icons remain to inspire and motivate many people with regards to their songs and of course their fashion. And over the course of years, the music industry influenced us to play with different styles and trends, even if they don’t match at all. Well, that’s fashion.

To know more, check the list below and find out some of the musicians who made their way into the fashion history. Enjoy!

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Who Run the World? – Beyonce

Queen Bey or Beyonce Knowles is a multi-talented artist, a fashion trendsetter, and the exact epitome of ‘fierce.’ Over the years, we have seen many shocking and stunning looks gracing different red carpets, just to find out later that it was Queen Bey who wore them first.

For example, the statement-making gloves. When the wife of George Clooney, Amal Clooney wore white gloves on the Golden Globes red carpet, her outfit received tons of mixed reviews. Why? It’s because it resembled Beyonce’s look way back in 2013 in the Met Gala.

Well, there is no denying that Beyonce can certainly set the tone when it comes to fashion. That is why lots of people, even celebrities imitate some of her looks. Overall, Beyonce’s style is all about fierceness, boldness, confidence, and well-defined figure.

Material Girl- Madonna

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Madonna, the style chameleon, and the bona fide Material Girl have withstood a metamorphosis resembled by her music debut about 40 years ago. Even if she is inventing pop-funk, showing off the cone bra, or just being a disco diva with sparkling leotards, Madonna has truly become a fashion legend.

Over the years, the Queen of Pop became one of the greatest music style icons whose fashion is as powerful and significant as her best-selling songs. According to Arianne Phillips, her stylist for 20 years, Madonna’s outfits is a transformation of what is significant at the time.

Meaning, her ensembles seamlessly reflect her point of view. But, regardless of what she wears, the Madonna vibe and feel will live forever.

Jenny from the Block – Jennifer Lopez

From the Bronx to Hollywood, Jennifer Lopez certainly knows how to become a trendsetter on the red carpet and even on the streets. Jennifer Lopez is among the celebrities who come to manifest the beauty and appeal of Hollywood.

She’s so elegant and gorgeous that maybe one of these days she will be the ambassadress of the red carpet. From her studded gown and satin shawl to a Versace dress, JLo surely knows how to pull off the red carpet.

Only Girl – Rihanna

There is no denying that Rihanna is one of the most fashion-forward women the music industry. Her beauty has certainly attracted and enchanted the fashion world with her boldness, fierceness, and avant-garde attitude.

With every album, she releases, her looks also evolves and transforms. And she owns her look with full confidence and poise. Rihanna can pull off just about any trends and styles while still incorporating her vibe.

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Born This Way – Lady Gaga

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Indeed, Lady Gaga started off as the fashion’s unique and unusual icon. Though some of her fashion statements are mind-boggling and weird, Lady Gaga has planted her individuality and character as an artist.

Of course, we cannot wear some of her famous outfits like the one she wore at the 2010 Video Music Awards, the meat dress. But that will not stop us from feasting some of Lady Gaga’s ensembles.


Fashion and music seem to work well together very much. Well, thanks to all musicians and entertainers who have greatly influenced people with great music and great fashion. Artists like Beyonce, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga has truly inspired lots of people, not only with their music but also with their looks.

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