All women are unique with their own tastes, but there are some ideas you can’t go wrong with. To get close to a woman’s heart, you have to show them that you’re willing to go out of your way to make them feel special. It’s not a matter of cost or elaborate detail that makes them swoon. It’s showing that you hold her near and dear to your heart and seeing her smile brightens your day like nothing else. Romance doesn’t need to be reserved for birthdays, anniversaries, or Valentine’s Day either. These are five romantic gestures that every girl appreciates.

1. Flowers

The very existence of flowers is something of a wonderful mystery. How do these gorgeous, colorful plants exist, and how are there so many to choose from? They also smell incredible. There is no room that can’t be improved by the addition of flowers. You can brighten up a girl’s mood with flowers, both when they’re first presented and as they settle in their home. Before you choose flowers, you should have a good idea of what she likes. Casually bring up some flowers you saw recently and how lovely you found them. See what kind of flowers she says she’s the fondest of, and look for bouquets that will tickle her. Scout out local florists or online flower shops. Supporting local businesses can be great, especially if they’re experts. See if the florist offers flower delivery. When she’s calling to express her absolute elation upon receiving the bouquet, you know you have her heart.

2. Massage

When feeling stressed is your default mode, it can be hard to remember when actual relaxation is. You don’t have to be completely uptight to benefit from a massage, and you don’t have to be a licensed masseuse to give a satisfying massage. Start with some gentle neck rubs and see how she responds. If she sounds relieved and prompts you to continue, move on to her shoulders and back. Listen closely to any directions she gives. She knows her body better than anyone, and she’s trusting you to follow them. This isn’t just a chance to help her get rid of tension. It’s also a chance to show how much you care by focusing on her. Love is all about attention, and there’s no better way to be attentive than by giving a massage.

3. Making dinner

Food has so many romantic properties, from the colors to the aromas to the taste. Few things will enchant a girl like arriving home and smelling a delicious meal cooking. While taking her out to eat is undoubtedly a kind gesture, there’s a special kind of affection that goes into making a meal yourself. You don’t need to be a trained chef either. Cooking is only as hard as you make it. Check for recipes that the two of you would love and that you’re capable of making. Start prep a few hours before she comes home, and have things sizzling when she arrives. To add further romantic ambiance, clean up the dining room and light some candles. If you’ve done things right, she should enter and be left breathless by just how thoughtful you are. As you enjoy your meal together, engage in stimulating conversation and reflect on how much you’re in love with her.

4. Give her time off

Having so much to take care of and so little time will make anyone stressed. If she seems bowled over and you know there are things you can take care of for her, do them. Does she need to run multiple errands? Take care of them for her. If you have children, you should be routinely stepping up as a parent. When a child is sick or needs to be driven to or from after-school activities, don’t wait for her to ask. Volunteer even when she’s completely free. Your selflessness might not seem terribly glamorous, but it’s this kind of devotion that makes a lasting impression on a woman. Knowing that you want her to feel cared of and able to unwind is sure to fill her heart with absolute joy.

5. Say “I love you”

It might sound obvious, to the point of not even warranting mention, but trust us. There’s hardly any better way to show how much you love a girl than by saying it. These three words hold so much power. If you’ve ever heard it from somehow you care about deeply, it can make you feel like there’s nothing else in the world that you need. You can’t just say “I love you.” You have to mean it. The first time you say it can be a bit nerve-wracking. Even if you know you love her, there’s still the uncertainty of whether she’ll reciprocate it. But it’s just as likely that she’s been waiting to say it to you. Taking the initiative shows her just how much you care. If you’ve been together for a long time and have already said it, keep saying it. Tell her you love her when you wake up, when you’re going to sleep, or when you’re eating pizza in your pajamas. Look her in the eyes and say it with absolute honesty and conviction in your voice. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together. You should always be courting her.

Each of these romantic gestures will make a girl feel special beyond words, and it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together. Whether you’re courting a girl or have been married for decades, you should try these out. The element of surprise makes things even more special, as you’ll know by their look of absolute elation when you present a beautiful bouquet of flowers or surprise them with a delicious home-cooked meal. Being in a loving relationship means not taking your partner for granted. These romantic gestures are about more than momentary excitement. They’re also about creating a lasting love.

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